I have been sick for a long time and have been off work for over four months. I received the go ahead yesterday to go back to work full duties, just in time for our busiest weekend of the year. As I think about this weekend and the crazy, busy time I am jumping back into full duty, I think of Sauble Beach.

Sauble Beach is a jewel in Northern Ontario. It’s north but not too far. There’s a beautiful long sandy beach with crystal clear water that you want to just dive right into. Watch out for the sand bars for before you get deep enough to immerse yourself in the cool waters you will hit at least two sandbars maybe three.

In the morning, the sand has been freshly raked but what you think is the waves lapping on the shore. During the day it becomes a playground for families, friends or lovers enjoying the cooling waters, building sand castles or just a bit of sun. At night, it becomes a beautiful sea of colours as the sun sets onto Lake Huron and whispers to you come back tomorrow. So while you wait, you grab an ice cream and take a stroll down the short strip of shops with the smells and sounds of another Sauble Beach perfect summer paradise.

So who thinks Sauble sounds better than crazy, busy work? I know I’m counting the days until I can say hello again to Sauble Beach.

**Edited for horrible mistakes that occur when you write on your phone**

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