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If only we could sleep like dogs

I have never-ending fatigue, body aches and pains.  Today I have two spots that aren’t joints that feel like a needle is being stabbed into me. Like a sting but there is nothing there.

My Fitbit said I slept for 1 hour and 43 minutes.  So I got up, had some grapes and took some medication to ease the pain a bit hopefully.  I had been getting good at sleeping mostly through the night except for the odd pee break.  The not sleeping was one of my symptoms in the very beginning that I attributed to shift work but now I know it’s my illness.  The funny or not so funny thing is I will sleep for two days straight two or three days in a week.  Maybe it’s because I’m coming out of a two-week long migraine.  I don’t know but nothing seems to have any rhyme or reason with chronic illnesses.

I’ve had a strange pain my right foot like I used to have before I had surgery on both my feet in January of 2015.  I went to the Podiatrist today and she’s recommended an X-ray to see if one of the screws from the fusion has moved.  So added call family doctor for X-ray, massage prescription and the mammogram that hasn’t been scheduled yet.  Thankful for my planner and my iPhone with Suri adding reminders for me.  If I don’t add them right away, it’s gone, like poof and I don’t get it back.  Fibro Fog and Lupus Brain Fog are true issues.

The Featured Image is an antique bench I found at the flower store I popped into between two doctor’s appointments.  The bench was what I wanted for that spot when I realized that the pupalups really liked just standing there and watch the world go by and the mailman comes by.  I saw a photo on a local antique place for a a similar bench but my sister in law said she didn’t see it that day.  So seeing the bench in the display drapped with pillows was just what I wanted.  I asked, the called the owner and the owner said it needed work because it was unsteady.  The price was $50.00 and I said YES.  My hubby is a hobby woodworker and I know he can make it steady for human seating.  I called the boys and they came to pick it up and brought it home while I went to my next doctor appointment.  I consider it a bigger win because my hubby liked it and said he can fix it.


teens don’t care that you’re blogging

Still waiting for word on when I go to the nerologist but I have a the new massage prescription.  I’ve called and made the reservation for my car to be serviced next week. She’s not impressed at having to get up at 8am but she can come back home to sleep, she’s a teen and they sleep well.  Now if I could sleep like the teen and the pupalups. Yeah, who am I kidding because that’s not happening.

How much sleep do you get during a normal night as opposed to a flare?

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  • I know I said it before,,but I love your pupalups pics !
    I made it back to Alabama after 6wks with mom in KY. She had a set back of a really serious kidney infection and it really made her sick. But she kicked its butt. Amazing for 90yrs. old. She said it was her first kidney infection and she thought she was dying from the pain. But she was much better before I left.
    Six weeks was a long time away from my hubby. He was as happy to see me as I was to see him. The look on his face reminded me of the look my Davey Dog used to have after I had been away from the house for a while. It was like you don’t know if they are going to bite you or lick you to death. Davey used to get look between doggy smile and a growl. I loved it on Davey and loved it on Joey.
    Hope you are having a good day. Brenda

    • Glad your mom is feeling better and you’re home. I think posted a video on their Instagram of them (Keely) and the bench! Good day for pj’s and this post posted with scheduling!

  • Oh, forgot to reply about the sleep question. Fog×10, in other words yes fog has been bad for a week now and it is no joking subject at this point. Pamela, another blkgger, the one I told you about wrote on “fog” and said it was more like pudding than fog. Yes it is.
    Now sleep. If I didn’t have Ambien I would never sleep ! Yes I know a lot of people don’t like it. But, I love it. If you could be in love with a pill, that would be what I call it. I have never slept like normal people NEVER, and I probably never will. I can’t imagine never having Ambien again. It is the only break I get from this crappy illness. It also helps the pain.
    What have you tried for sleep ???

  • I love the featured image on this post! My dogs are sighthounds, and sighthounds are the laziest dogs in the world – they love a run, but they spend the rest of the time sleeping. I often look at them enviously, as I don’t sleep well and the resulting brain fog is really frustrating.
    I hope you get the sleep you need soon!

    • Hi Annabelle, I’m Brenda. I wanted to ask you about your dogs, you said they were sight hounds. What are sight hounds??. Thats what I need since we are in an apt. now and dont have a big fenced in yard for them to play in. We need to get another dog real soon !!for my sanity, HAHAHA!And a lazy easy going dog would be perfect.

      • Sighthound is a general term for dogs like greyhounds, deerhounds, wolfhounds, whippets, lurchers etc. I have two, Pearl is a greyhound and Millie is a lurcher, which is a greyhound cross. They don’t need much exercise – about 20 minutes twice a day is ideal. I find it difficult to go out twice a day so I usually take them for 40 minutes once a day. Ideally they need some time off the lead during those outings so they can run. The rest of the time they are very lazy, but they do like to have access to a garden for toileting, so I’m not sure how they’d work out in an apartment – you might need to take them out more frequently. Whatever breed you decide on, I’d advise researching it thoroughly first.
        I agree that dogs are vital for sanity, and wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect canine companion! 🙂

        • Boxers can be good apartment dogs but after their puppiness

          I thought greyhounds run a lot? My one doctor has one and says that they had to enclose their yard.

          • Greyhounds have short bursts of energy – they like to run when out on a walk and sleep the rest of the time. That said, it’s better for them to have access to a garden, and that garden would need to be fenced in to stop them hunting the neighbours’ cats and chickens!

        • Rescues are the best. We said we’d rescue a pair (bonded) of boxers. When you have two that are raised together they become bonded. I can’t take either of my two anywhere without the other one.

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