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It’s been just over a week since I got out my stitches and I’ve been able to get my feet wet.  My bath was heavenly even if my tub is a crappy shallow tub.  Don’t worry I won’t post photos.  I did Google the surgery and figured out why I’m still confined to the house and have to wear the protective shoes because the toe has to fuse to the foot.  So what I’ve figured is that it’s basically a break that has to heal but with screws (I can feel one) and a plate.  I’m wondering if I’ll ever remember how to walk right again.  I’m sure I’ll find out about Physiotherapy on March 5th.

So for being stuck in the house, not exposed to anyone but family, I’ve picked up a cold.  Thanks.

It’s really cold here.  I’m looking out our front window to the pretty sun but there is ice on it.  Hubby keeps saying how cold it is so I guess I’m glad I’m stuck in the house.

Keely and Ranger participated in a Valentine’s exchange via Dakota Dog Company and Instagram.  They exchanged with their friend Kyah and she sent some wonderful cookies and a big ball.  Ranger has claimed the ball all for himself.  The pups have their own Intsagram keelyandranger

Hope everyone is doing well and has a wonderful weekend.


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  • I know it’s not fun after having to do it so long but I’d love to have the excuse to sit for a few days with my feet up! hahaha! Hope things get better soon and you re-learn to walk! ~Elle

    • At this point Elle I’m bored with TV, Netflix. I have a stack of books that I make break into today. Always lots of puppy kisses though

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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