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IMG_9781When you think about your goals for the day and when you have a chronic, unpredictable invisible illness you never know is it going to be a good day, bad day or change in between.  

I was thankful that on Monday I had most of my family here at one point or the other.  The only one I didn’t see was my new daughter (in-law) but she was out of town.  Dinner was nice but I started feeling sleepy but exhausted and achy.  Tuesday I woke up and went to my doctors appointment and felt like it was going to be a good day.  Well on the way home I started falling asleep.  Got in the house and slept until after four.  I was back in bed and out by 11:30 last night and slept until after 8 am today.  

So I have a new daily goal of walking for 20-30 minutes as per day as much as I can.  Today the only thing I can think is I really want a shower but I need to find the spoons to get a shower.  I want to change the sheets on our bed and get laundry put away but that may be tomorrow….well it will be because hubby is now going to work and will be taking a nap….

This little treat is what I’ve been listening to all morning… squeaky squeak…

Journey with me … mini2z (send spoons)



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  • I used all of mine for the week. I am going to need all of them I can beg borrow or steal the next few days. But It will be worth it. We had our Roundup today and I FELT Wonderful. Ankle always hurts but it is getting better.
    I tried not to walk a lot and used the buggy…..Buggy in this case was a Polaris. I was doing really well.
    Enjoying my time yet, taking things easy.
    Until, I felt a pull on my ponytail. It was one of the horses. He strolled over to me. Stroker Ace. He’s my buddy. He wanted me to ride him.
    Danny was there with me and he saw the longing in my eyes. “He asked me if I could climb in the back of the truck with my ankle.
    With help from him, I could.
    He brought Stroker over to me and with the height of the tail gate I could get on Stroker’s back with lot’s of help from Danny.
    My left ankle foot is the one that is messed up. So it is impossible for me to put my full weight on it.
    Anyway, I rode Stroker for about 20 minutes.
    We galloped.
    Kristin, I was HAPPY for those 20 minutes or so. Oh was I happy.
    It took me longer to get off.
    My body was in shock.
    It took Danny and Charlie (our cowboy) to get me off the horse and to carry me to sit down.
    Was it worth it? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I be doing it again for a while? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    I smell like HORSE and that IT OK.

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