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I have only had one manicure before today. I get pedicures all the time but manicure are for people with nice hands. Well living a stress free life the past four months I’ve – drum roll – stopped biting my nails! So happy that I had enough nails to get a manicure.

I went to a new lady who I dropped in on to get my eyebrows waxed when I was early for my chiro appointment.  She did a great job and at a fraction of the cost I’ve paid at the big Spas!  She will be my go to person and she does facials too!

Also while at Costco getting groceries I looked at the clothes. In the last year I have lost 55-65 lbs. I had very few clothes that fit and bought myself a pair of size 10 pants! Heck I don’t know if I have ever been a 10! I weigh less now than when I met the hubby.
I also picked up two cute tops in mediums and everything I own is an XL top wise! To top that off I bought a jean jacket. Yep all for me!!

Tomorrow I’m heading to the GMO Organic Fair because I need honey but I want to look at the essential oils display too.

I also had a nice glass of wine. Life is good.



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