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Some things annoy me and I just don’t understand why:

  • having to sign up or bookmark a blog to find it to read it.
  • after signing up for the blog that I want to see getting the pop up that says please sign up
  • being Canadian and not qualifying for surveys, freebies and paid posts
  • being told by the doctors that we’re gonna start a new treatment but they put it off again and again
  • being nauseous all the time really my kids are 17 and 20 and I feel like I have 24 hour morning sickness
  • being itchy and not being able to do anything about it
  • people looking at me and not understanding “invisible illness”
  • I hate being sick and would give anything to be healthy again
  • being ignored by my children
  • not knowing what part of me is flaring because all the illnesses have some overlapping symptoms
  • that I can’t get my logo with the tagline to fit a facebook or wordpress header…
  • I guess grumpiness is showing because my mom immediately asked. “what’s wrong”… uggg

I think that’s enough complaining for today.  We had a little incident on hubby’s motorcycle and he feels really bad about it.  We went over to the right and he took most of it but my elbow hurts and my right hip from the fall.  Some nice man helped us up.  That was my first time going on the bike this year (It makes me anxious and nauseous) and now he’s afraid I won’t go on again.

So I’m going to try to relax, enjoy my Muscato and the steaks that we’re having for dinner.

So what are your pet peeves or what are you needing to rant about today?

Journey with me…mini2z

EDITED to add – that my daughter has me in her phone as MOTHER DEAREST and doesn’t understand the concept, email it to me please….SE

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  • Sorry you fell over. One of my pet peeves is seeing dr after dr and they are almost all invisible illnesses. I live at the drs. I wish I wasn’t so exhausted. And that is the extent of todays rant. I am doing fairly well.

  • Not in the mood to RANT today…..If you would have asked me to last night …I could never have stopped. I am still afraid I may lose control very soon.
    So a little rant….
    I had to use a wheelchair at Walmart yesterday. We must have ran into everyone we knew…..
    I heard too many…but you look better today…
    You mention a rant I haven’t ever talked about….
    I itch all over my body…I am use to that. I am NOT USE TO ITCHING NON STOP IN MY PRIVATE AREAS….On the surface and inside. Enough on that….
    It is embarrassing . If it doesn’t itch it burns.
    After my doctor visits yesterday……Yes, I need a vacation….Away from here. As far away as I can get.
    …..Aren’t you glad I am not in the mood to RANT.,,
    Yesterday It would have been about my hubby…….and everything else.Love you. Hate our illnesses .

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