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Yesterday our youngest daughter graduated high school.  I remember someone saying that it will fly by.  11112897_879184455505194_3677519887635692647_nI still remember that little ponytail girl going into Junior Kindergarten and wanting nothing to do with her crying mom.  Fourteen years of school flew by.  All those firsts, reading, plays, field trips to all the you’re watching what in high school?  You are in high school right?  High school seemed different for my daughter.  She had a great group of friends and two amazing teachers that she was able to confide in.  Two of those teachers had a big

I have to thank two very important people.  Mr. Kelly and Mrs. Gosling.  I still remember that first phone call I received from Mr. Kelly.  I was at work, my phone was on do not disturb but for favorites.  He called me on my daughter’s cell phone and explained she was having trouble breathing and what did I want to do.  These phone calls 11223600_879184038838569_6080474158788249741_ngot to be almost weekly and varied from she’s had her Benadryl and is sleeping in Campus to she needs to come home.  There were several incidents that later I realized my dear sweet girlie had lied about how bad her reaction was and should have been epied and sent to the hospital.  Thankfully Mr. K talked the girlie into going to school in town due to her allergies and parents would be 4 hours away….  Thank you for all the help in keeping her alive, really during the past two years.  May you get to actually teach a class or two next year!

So Thank you Mr. Kelly for everything you did for Se over the years.  Certain teachers have an special impact on certain students and I think that was you for Se.  I still have fond memories of my favorite too.

Mrs. Gosling, what can I say?  I have a son and how he never found Campus and all those comfy couches I don’t what happened there.  When Se first started talking about about God Squad and things she was doing I thought that’s cool. When I learned that you became her second 11202084_879184175505222_2787318645620229801_nmom at school I was proud.  I was happy that she had someone like you to confide in. She’s a better person for having you in her life.

Thank you to both of you for helping in Se’s high school journey.  I know you’ll both see her again – probably too much.

Sierra, your high school journey is over but as this door has now closed a whole world opened up and it’s yours for the taking.  I’m so proud of the young woman you’ve become.  Enjoy your Journey.



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