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TodayFeatured Image -- 1567 is an extra spoon day.  Why does showering exhaust me so? I have a rash on my right hand and left elbow from the lupus.  It’s really strange but it’s a normal symptom, I get blister like things and then they scar.  This is so much fun – NOT!

We had a storm last night and my hubby woke up and somewhere in there he told the youngest girlie that she could have a fish tank.  Once I woke up, I said NO but daddy said she could. She had one before and it was never cleaned but she’s very stubborn and went an bought one.  She got the accessories to go with her so far worldly travels and a turtle.  She’s 17 and on a turtle fascination recently.  She will be picking up “sacrificial” fish later tonight.  I do have to say it looks nice.

I’ve been having regular migraines with the concussion therapy but he’s seeing LOTS of progress in me already.  I have two apps that I had to download to my phone to do exercises with.  The one makes the dogs go crazy because it’s a frequHoodieency thing. The other is a metronome that I have to work on coordination on my left side.  I’m already able to do some things that I wasn’t able to do when I was first tested.

The hoodie that I wanted on yesterday’s post, well the hubby said to go ahead and order it.

With so much going on right now, doctors, weddings, meetings and phone calls with not so great news, I’m need of just a billions spoons.

I’m asking for some extra prayers or positive thought for tomorrow.

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