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Spring ahead is that wonderful day when you lose an hour of sleep and are totally messed up for the next couple of weeks.  It’s also the day that a couple clocks in my house are finally on the right time.  No really, we have two clocks that are too much of a pain for my husband to take down and change the time on.  The one is a beautiful clock that my mom bought me for Christmas two years ago and it took a year for it to be hung up but that’s another story.  The other clock is one that chimes on the hour and then a half hour chime.


I don’t notice the chiming except for the times that it’s not dinging for what time it really is.  So it just recently chimed eleven times but you see it’s noon and this is going to drive me nuts.  The only good thing is all the electronics are programmed to change themselves except for the television in our bedroom that we don’t have remote for and it takes several hours or days to figure out how to fix the internal timing.


Daylight Savings isn’t used everywhere, hell it’s not even used in all of Canada or in all of the United States.  I hope you enjoy the video, I know I did!

Are you on Daylight Savings Time today or not?

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