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Stress has caused me to clench my jaw in my sleep. My left side of my face has hurts since Wednesday evening sometime. Thursday I saw my doctor and totally forgot to mention it to him. I had a million other things to touch base on. I did let my new massause know. She worked my neck and then found the tiny spot on my left side of my face that is knotted up. 

I’ve been icing, ibuprofen, resting, alieving and it’s turning into a migraine with extra face and ear pain. 

I’m going to a meditation workshop this week and will be learning three techniques. I’ve been sleeping with relaxing sounds for about two weeks and I think it’s helped me sleep better. 

Do you have any suggestions on how to relieve the pain? 


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  • Hello 🙂 I found Gua Sha amazing for stretching out and relieving tension around the jaw, neck and shoulders. It looks pretty gruesome, and it leaves a lot of redness (which disappears the next day), but it feels great. I found an acupuncturist who introduced me to it, and now we do it at home with a jam jar lid and olive oil!! Google it – hope it helps x

  • I’m glad you wrote about this jaw
    problem. I also forget to mention it to my doc….Sometimes I wonder why I even go. Oh yeah now I remember. Pain meds. So silly to have to go every month.I know it’s been over a year since you posted this, but thought I’d ask anyway.

      • Thats not good….Mine Just started a few months ago, but it pops and cracks like it’s breaking. But not hurting too badly ,, yet. I didn’t even know I c.enched my jaws at night til the popping sstarted. I used to work for am oral surgeon so I know how much trouble this can cause. Not good,. Not much they can do for it ecpxcept steroid shots in the jaw. And those hurt !!!!

        • I can’t sleep with the brux guard because I’m a nose breather and it just makes me choke. My dentist figured it out after I thought I had a toothache and now when my sinuses act up I get more pain and clench more in my sleep. Sleep is all I’ve done the past few days.

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