20 Years Together

11351245_858462764244030_4192423986454328795_n20 years ago today we had arrived in Jamaica the night before.  We arrived late at the resort and I guess our wedding planner was running around frantically trying to find us.  We were is the group room that they were explaining all the awesomeness of the resort.  We were at the Sandals Dunns River (now some other hotel) in Ocho Rios and later we would find it was actually in St. Ann.

Well we sat with the planner and my dream of the gazebo on the waterfall in the pool wedding was dashed due to wind.  We picked the garden.  I was shown a billion flowers and cakes.  We quickly picked a traditional rum cake and I said I wanted bright tropical flowers.  The minister would meet us the next morning after hubby went into town to get a tux.  His tux adventure sounds like something out of a movie!  Jimmy his driver knew everyone, they stopped in a puddle for a car wash, more animals were barely missed getting hit on the drive.  Tux was achieved after a while as he was one of the tallest people to ever get a tux and he’s only six feet!

Minister met us in our room, made us guess his age.  We both thought 50’s but nope he was 86 years young.  Our witnesses were Camile and Johan from the resort.  We had wanted the two couples we met on the but but we couldn’t find them.

I tripped walking up the path to the flowered arch and a simple sweet ceremony I married my best friend.  We went over to sign the wedding certificate and I found out I was listed as a SPINSTER!  I was 25!  I guess because I was over 18 I was a spinster.  To this day, my hubby says he saved me from spinsterhood.

On our way to get beach photos we found our friends and told them we were getting changed and would join them in the pool for drinks right after.  Pool after is where we went!

So 20 years ago I married my best friend, father of my children and greatest champion.

I love you Gerry always and forever!

Love me

I hope you enjoyed my journey of my wedding memories.




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