Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

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As with most Thursdays I’m linking up with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

Today I’m frustrated with Beyond the Rack.  I ordered some towels for the house on September 27th and they have been stuck in a “processing” mode for a month and a half.  Then I ordered new canisters for my kitchen because well the ones I have are over 20 year old plastic Tupperware that are scratched and well probably not BPA free.  So after spending almost an hour on the phone, the towels are in Canada at the warehouse in Montreal with the quality control people.  The canisters are in Canada but apparently enroute from customs to the warehouse in Montreal.  So they were shipped to BTR but not to me.  They’ve added a $10 credit for my trouble.  I didn’t have it in me to argue about the cheap “for your trouble” credit that they added.  Seriously, September……I ordered and still waiting.   I ordered the towels in the first place because well I think the Kidlets EAT the towels.  We all use the bath sheets.  I have eight of the blue ones already, two navy, two green.  I think only six towels can be located at any given time.  These are the house towels and not the trailers.  

Towels…. where are you?
Canisters I need you

Can I just say it’s NOVEMBER and I’m going to be wearing sandals again today!  Seriously its been beautiful here. I’m not complaining.  Just last night my girlie asked me about my Hunter boots and asked why I haven’t worn them.  Well it’s not been cold and rainy.  It was, but I was in bed all those days. So I’m going to dig my hammock out for one last day and I’m sure these two will join me in it but I’ll read the book that came yesterday and enjoy this wonderful weather.


My featured image today is a photo I took yesterday.  I bought myself some flowers.  You’ll notice that I usually have carnations, they’re not my favorite but they smell nice and last so long and I always get some white ones and they had the pretty purple too.  I put my print that I received from The Bloom Workshop into a frame.  Here’s to the creative ones, yep that me now!  Oh I think I am anyways.  


I’m doing well and eating well with the 21 day fix. As a result the rest of the family is eating well too.  My hubby and daughter are still in bed so I haven’t had my shake yet.  Today I’m going with the chocolate, a banana and some peanut butter or PB2 with coconut milk and ice.  So they will be waking soon!

So I’ve been doing these secret Santa’s with my girlfriends since last Christmas.  We have also done one for Valentine’s Day, Spring/Cinco de Mayo, Halloween/Fall and now Secret Santa.  I’m still waiting for my Fall/Halloween one but my secret elf has something special for me so it will get here.  I really can’t wait to shop for my new secret Santa person.  I have fun finding things just for them!.  My lesson learned is don’t use Amazon to ship directly, they spoil the surprise….

After hammock time, I’ll be making labels for my new spice bottles while I wait for the chalkboard labels to come in.  

So are you having good weather?  Have you done something fun like a Secret Santa?  Reddit has their Secret Santa opened.

Journey with me … mini2z

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Yesterday’s Journey

This has been my skittle guide
My Skittle Chart of how well I did

After yesterday starting the 21 day fix with Shakeology I was feeling really good all day.  I wasn’t hungry and I was wondering how I was going to eat all my “skittles” as my hubby has been calling my containers.

I’m still waiting for my dear sweet girlie to print out the paper I need to write down what I ate. (hint my dear child)

I did my short walks – one with each dog.  It was more like runs so I need to find my running shoes that may be in our trailer which is getting winterized.

I had lots of tea, water (not enough) half a banana, refridgerator oats with berries, chocolate shakeology with hazelnut coffee ice cubes, salad with balsamic vinegar (I love it BTW and didn’t know) with cottage cheese, roast beef that was slow cooked with just hubbies spices, quinoa, green beans (not a favorite), pineapple and for bed I had Greek yogurt with unsweetened coconut and some pure vanilla.  I may be forgetting something, yep the celery and peanut butter.

At about 11:00 pm I was feeling sick and realized that I forgot to take my medications all day.  I felt funny and had a headache and was more nauseous than normal.  I checked my blood sugar and it was 7.8 (5-7 is optimal).  Because I’m on pills for my diabetes I didn’t know what to do.  I ended up only taking one metformin and that was a mistake.

I woke up and my fasting BS (blood sugar) was 8.9.  I only (sarcasm) drank 25 ounces of water during the night.  I have severe dry mouth and wake up frequently to drink.  So I’m thinking it was yogurt at bedtime and messing up my medications.

The good:  I ate well, I wasn’t hungry at all, I got two small walks in, I also did more prep and made spice combos

The bad: I was anxious all day because I was worried I’d be hungry, I didn’t like my shake and I didn’t drink enough water and didn’t take my medications

Today’s Goals: Do as best as I can as I’m still nauseous and make a better shake (hint – I did it was awesome) and drink more water and figure out a better way to track my actual food and not just the skittles on the app on my phone.

spice combos from the book

IMG_1180 IMG_1171 IMG_1165 IMG_1179


If you have any questions, I can try to answer or I can put you in contact with my awesome coach Randie

Journey with me … mini2z

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Monday Musings with a 21 Day Fix


Today I’m adding a bit more to my Monday Musings:

  • I was really out of it last week and not feeling the writing because well – depression and lupus
  • I’m back!
  • Today I’m starting the 21 Day Fix with Shakeology 
  • I spent the past few days planning, prepping, chopping, organizing meals, fruits, veggies, freezing coffee (for the shakes)
  • I’m doing a modified fix exercise plan but it will include walking and yoga as my doctors wanted me to do and we have an exercise bike that I need to find since it’s covered in hockey equipment (the boyo’s mess)
  • I am still or again in a blogging group and it is concentrated on improving your blog theme and truth be told I forgot about it but happy to be part of the group.
  • We had no kids for Halloween and that’s two years in a row.  Our street is dark, houses are farther apart and it wasn’t a nice day.  We expected to not have any because of the forecast.
  • Somehow I got an infection in my foot and my lupus rash has decided that it likes my face now.
  • Pain has been constant and I try to keep ahead of it and my moods.  Apparently the walking is going to help with the depression?  We shall see.  Yes I’m a pessimist. 
  • My girlie has been working a LOT and is run down and wasn’t feeling well last night and this morning.  She went to her second class so I’m hoping she will feel a little better.
  • My Pinterest board has been so busy with three boards in particular that are busy, Travel Tips, Hammocks and My Style boards.  Check them out, poke around and see if anything interests you.
  • Don’t forget the pupalups, Keely and Ranger have their own Instagram @keelyandranger
  • I have a roast to get ready for dinner, chicken to cube for tomorrow’s dinner.  I’ll be posting the photos on my Instagram at mini2z but I’ve added a couple I took yesterday.




I hope you enjoy your journey with me …


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