Where Is That Photo From?

I thought I’d do something different with today’s prompt of mine your own material.  I’ve had a couple people ask me where a certain photo was from in my header if you’re on the main blog page.  I thought I’d share with you today.

I went on a trip to Europe with my daughter in 2013.  She has a teacher that runs the trip every other year.  My niece, my stepdaughter and my sister-in-law did the trip four years prior and my nephew did the trip this past summer.  It’s an amazing, full itinerary of activity so that the kids don’t have much down time to get into trouble and their are rules on staying in a group during free time and everyone of the adults had a group to count after every hop on or off of public transit.  We did it all in the terms of transit, planes, trains, tubes, high speed trains, boats, buses it was a great adventure.  I even took a taxi in Paris after pulling my back and left my iPhone in the taxi and the driver ran to get it to me.  I had fallen asleep in his cab and he was worried about me.  When I think back I was in the beginning of my body really falling apart. 

august 2014 896
The London Eye ©mini2z
Paris - Love Lock Bridge ©mini2z
Paris – Love Lock Bridge
Mount Pilatus (from my bedroom window) ©mini2z
Mount Pilatus (from my bedroom window)
©mini2z Sunflowers in Tuscany
Sunflowers in Tuscany
Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada ©mini2z
Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada
The Colosseum, Rome, Italy ©mini2z
The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

This was an enjoyable journey for me of an amazing trip with my daughter.  The only place my daughter would want to go back to is Switzerland.  I on the other hand would love to spend a week or more in each country we went to.  My only exception would be been there done that is Rome.  While I loved it and found my two paintings for my living room and my daughter found her art there it was overwhelming for me.

Where have you traveled or want to travel to?

Journey with me … mini2z

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One Year of Blogging

Happy blog-o-versary to me! One year ago I decided to blog about my daughters and I trip to Europe. Since then I’ve learned or remembered how much I like writing. It’s good for the soul!

A flashback photo collage of my girlie & I in London, UK, Versailles, France, Zurich, Switzerland and in Florence, Italy. We went to a lot more cities and it was an amazingly but tiring trip.


WordPress sent me this today


One year of blogging, good days bad day and lots of in betweens.

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Lido Di Jesolo & Venice

Well we arriveaugust 2014 1867d at Hotel Grifone in Lido Di Jesolo, Italy. I was pleasantly surprised at the hotel. It was a family run hotel and all rooms thankfully had air conditioning. Rooms were clean with wood or tile floors. Some of the kids had bunkbeds. My roomie an I had larger sized room, wi-fi and a crazy shower that got everything wet when you took a shower.

The dinner meals were good and tasty breakfast wasn’t so great.

We went to the Adriatic Sea twice & swam, played volleyball (the kids not me) and enjoyed the downtime.

We spent Friday in Venice. We took a moderate sized boat to get there. Then we went to the Murano Glass factory where we saw some demonstrations. In the gift shop we all came away with something. It was all so beautiful. My husband will be happy that I didn’t buy the beautiful dish that I loved because it was €2800.00 yes I believe I have expensive tastes. Our teacher leader has realized I like to shop. Only on vacation I do and this is a once in a lifetime trip.

We went to Venice proper and went on a tour with a local guide with whisper headsets. Yes we really looked like tourists.IMG_4891More touring of the city an we had time for lunch and shopping. I had the pleasure to have lunch with my daughter and her best friend. They shared a Margarita pizza (no alcohol) and I had the most awesome spaghetti bolongnaise with a glass of bianco.

We didn’t find and stickers for our suitcases so I may have to order them online. We decided to decorate our luggage with the places we’ve been.

We then had our Gondola rides. I had so much fun with Se and her friends. Our Gondolier was pretend sneezing to make the Gondola tippy.

Then I went in search of my lost Oakley sunglasses that I lost during the castle tour. They were the new ones I bought in Paris after I lost my original when they fell on the tracks of the metro in London at least I think it was London.
So I bought a cheap pair of non-Oakley glasses. So I went in search of the Louis Vuitton store. It wasn’t busy and I came out with a neck scarf for my fedora an a classic scarf for me. So a few more things have been taken off my bucket list.

We all regrouped and headed back on the boat to our bus to our hotel. The kids all headed to the beach for a quick cool off before dinner.

Dinner was okay a little disappointing. We’re all missing veggies an fruit.

The kids got some free time and so did the grown ups. I went for a walk to the bank machine & then found an outdoor market with Stacey. It was so nice just strolling the neighbourhood. We saw a little marching band with drum majorettes.

A little regrouping at the hotel and the kids took over the hallway for some socializing, singing an laughs.

I have organized my suitcases for the trip home. I will be paying extra for a heavy bag and a second checked badge. Surprisingly I only have a few tanks I won’t have worn on the trip.

Breakfast was the same, yoghurt, mixed fruit, cereal and paderno. So glad I brought my Barry’s Irish tea with me.

We’re now on the bus heading to beautiful Florence.

Arrivederci, Venezia!


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