What’s A Flare Day Kit?  Huge Contest Sponsored by Chronic Illness Bloggers

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What’s A Flare Day Kit?  A Huge Contest Sponsored by Chronic Illness Bloggers

CIB Holiday Giveaway

The giveaway runs November 23rd to December 3rd!  Please share with all your family and friends!  I hope you enjoy the blog and find some new blogs and products!

Flare Day Kit or ER and Hospital Must Haves

When I found myself going to the ER more frequently I threw a few things into a bag so that I’d have a more comfortable wait.  I can’t do anything about the horrible chairs that my ER’s have but I like being comfortable.

  • Baggu bag because it’s canvass and can be washed when I go home.  I always bring bottles of water and a bottle of ginger ale.  I have even had a juice box at times.  I know that if I have stomach problems that I can’t eat or drink but my caregiver can and the wait can be really long in my area.  I always have my S’well 25 oz bottle because it’s large and keeps my water cold.  Hydration is a problem for me because of constant nausea.
  • Colouring book and pencils in a pouch. I find it relaxing
  • Some hard candies because my mouth is dry and hospital air is brutal on dry mouth
  • A light blanket (sometimes two)
  • My Mophie Juice Pack – I keep it charged on my nightstand.  It powers my iPad, my iPhone and both of my hubby’s too.
  • A long cord for the iDevices and the wall plug for the iPad because the regular one only charges the phone and not the iPad.
  • Book because I like reading real books and I usually have a couple on the go
  • Earplugs – I get overwhelmed with sounds
  • Chapstick – back to the dry mouth and hospitals are dry
  • Moisturizer because you use so much hand sanitizer at the hospital
  • Sunglasses on migraine visits but now I’d bring my Axon glasses because well they’re amazing.

My contribution is part of Prize pack 8 and I’ve listed what I’m including below this photo.  Later on, there is two photos with all the prize packs listed.  There are Eight prize packs, a Fibro prize pack and two packs that are just for the US entrants.  We have over 50 bloggers and sponsors participating in this cross blog promotion for the Chronic Illness Bloggers.  No purchase necessary.  But check out the list of bloggers and sponsors as there is something for everyone.


Prize Pack 8 including mini2z


What is in my part of Chronic Illness Bloggers Holiday Giveaway – Prize Pack 8?

Everything here will keep you busy at the hospital (when you can) if you’re there for a few hours or a few days. Also good for a flare day or days because we chronic illness people have days when getting out of bed is very difficult.  So here is what’s in the portion of Prize Pack 8…

  • Tote bag – it’s washable!
  • Light blue plaid scarf that can be used as a light blanket by American Colors
  • Colouring book with Staedleter coloured pencils, Staedleter markers and pouch to put them in.
  • Chapstick
  • Power bank for a cell phone
  • Lavender hand cream
  • Fuzzy reading socks
  • Plastic Tumbler with a straw
  • Lemon Face mask
  • Green Tea and Tea (or any beverage) cup
  • Ice Pops mold maker and the recipe for nausea pops
  • Some candies
  • I could add extras before it gets mailed out!

I’ve had fun getting the goodies for this gift pack and there is well over $150 in products for the lucky recipient of Prize Pack 8.

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Flare Day - Hospital Must Haves
Flare Day – Hospital Must Haves

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Good luck!  Hope you enjoy checking out the Chronic Illness Bloggers and our sponsors!  Chronic Illness Bloggers Network have become my friends in my journey of Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Migraines, LADA, Hashimoto’s, Gastritis, Depression, Anxiety and more important, I’ve got a great group of friends that are a keystroke away for support.


Invisible illness sucks but having friends along the journey makes it more tolerable.   mini2z 


Last peek…



Journey with me … mini2z (don’t forget that sharing is caring!)

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Journey with me …
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My Trial with HFactor Hydrogen Enriched Water

“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in now way influenced by the company.”

 I received six packages of water from HFactor Hydrogen Enriched Water free as a trial because I have several chronic illnesses including Lupus and Fibromyalgia.  The box was HUGE!  All six of the waters were in individual wrapped in a bubble wrap bag and they were safe in thicker bubble wrap so they arrived safely to me.  On HFactor’s website, the six pack I received is $18.00.  I have to say the packaging was amazing.  

I received my box of HFactor Hydrogen Enriched Water a day before my my husband had a motorcycle accident and needed surgery. I grabbed one of the packages and put it in my bag to take to the emergency room not knowing that I’d be staying at the hospital all night and would be in hospital for several days.  The recommendations was to drink two packages of water a day and within thirty minutes of opening for optimal effectiveness. The one I drank at the hospital was warm and I really didn’t like it warm.  I usually always drink water at room temperature but with HFactor WaterI found that I liked it better cold.  I had to tell my daughter to leave them alone and they were MINE!   I wasn’t able to have a second one that day but once my husband was out of the hospital I drank the other packages two a day for two days and the last package the next day. When they were cold, I liked them. I found them refreshing but I’m not sure that they made me feel any different.  They were easy to open

Can You Reduce Inflammation with a Glass of Water?

Studies suggest that molecular hydrogen may decrease the production of inflammatory factors and may improve cells with anti-inflammatory effects.


Research suggests that hydrogen gas, an antioxidant, has the potential to boost circulation and provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

*source:  http://hfactorwater.com/

HFactor Hydrogen Enriched Water:

  • These packages are made of a special packaging made to keep the hydrogen in – if there is any plastic exposure on the packaging you will lose efficacy of the hydrogen
  • Drink within 30 minutes of opening ( pull straw off first for easier opening and have them tear it off where the tear notch is)
  • Made in the USA
  • Packaging has low carbon footprint unlike plastic or glass bottles, recyclable 
  • HFACTOR won the best water in the world at the FoodBev World Beverage Innovation Awards at the Brau Beviale Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. and a finalist for the best packaging

You can check out HFactor Hydrogen Enriched Water out on their website, Instagram and on Facebook.  There is also a video on YouTube that you can check out.

I enjoyed sampling HFactor Hydrogen Enriched Water but I really think that I need to try it for longer than three days. I will buy the larger pack that HFactor Hydrogen Enriched Water has on their site for $64.99 for 24 pouches and they have free shipping on orders over $50.00.  I thank HFactor Water and Chronic Illness Bloggers Network for giving me this opportunity to try this product.  Again this product was free and the opinions are my own. I don’t receive any monetary compensation for this review.

I like my HFactor Hydrogen Enriched Water COLD and will definitely give it a longer trial.

Thanks for reading.

Journey with me … mini2z

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Spoons needed

TodayFeatured Image -- 1567 is an extra spoon day.  Why does showering exhaust me so? I have a rash on my right hand and left elbow from the lupus.  It’s really strange but it’s a normal symptom, I get blister like things and then they scar.  This is so much fun – NOT!

We had a storm last night and my hubby woke up and somewhere in there he told the youngest girlie that she could have a fish tank.  Once I woke up, I said NO but daddy said she could. She had one before and it was never cleaned but she’s very stubborn and went an bought one.  She got the accessories to go with her so far worldly travels and a turtle.  She’s 17 and on a turtle fascination recently.  She will be picking up “sacrificial” fish later tonight.  I do have to say it looks nice.

I’ve been having regular migraines with the concussion therapy but he’s seeing LOTS of progress in me already.  I have two apps that I had to download to my phone to do exercises with.  The one makes the dogs go crazy because it’s a frequHoodieency thing. The other is a metronome that I have to work on coordination on my left side.  I’m already able to do some things that I wasn’t able to do when I was first tested.

The hoodie that I wanted on yesterday’s post, well the hubby said to go ahead and order it.

With so much going on right now, doctors, weddings, meetings and phone calls with not so great news, I’m need of just a billions spoons.

I’m asking for some extra prayers or positive thought for tomorrow.

journey with me…mini2z

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