Today I have expanded from yesterday’s photos.
I created a map of the places I’ve been. I will add the the places I want to go to eventually. Anytime I edit the map it will automatically update.  If you click on the link in the map it will take you to the map and you can zoom in and see the areas more closely.


When we retire we want to travel Canada and the US in our 5th Wheel Trailer.  I don’t know how that will work because my one pup, Keely doesn’t travel well, she cries and cries all the time in a vehicle.  Last year we actually sedated her with a prescription from the vet and she was still stressed.  But our trailer is very comfy and my kitchen there is nicer than the one in my home.  We traveled down to Disney in 2001 with all our kidlets who were 15, 11, 7, 4.  We went from Michigan to Florida came home via St. Augustine and then Fayetteville, NC and Fort Bragg where the hubby was born.  

Before I met the hubby, I went to Cuba when I was in college.  It was “Fam Trip” so that you could familiarize yourself with the resort and make suggestions before you sent students there for the spring break.  We stayed in a small resort between Havana and Varadaro and we had trips to both places.  The best part was it only cost me $199 and that was all inclusive, airfare, all the transfers, excursions and full food and drink.  I was in college so drinks were a big thing.

I also went on a cruise alone.  Carnival put me in a room with another young woman who was also traveling alone.  It was a great trip, traveled from Miami to Cozumel, to Grand Cayman to Ochos Rios, Jamaica.  I picked the wrong meal time and was at an early seating with a bunch of random people.  The rest of the girls were at the same table at the later seating.

The Europe Trip with my daughter we flew from Detroit to London, high speed train to Paris, day trip to Versailles, Paris by high speed train to Zurich, Zurich to Lucerne, Lucerne to Verona, Italy, Lido de Jeselo, Italy, day trip to Venice by boat, Lido de Jeselo to  Assisi for a via point, to Florence to Rome and we went to Vatican City.  We flew home from Rome to Paris almost missed our flight but the group was so large they held the plane for us and from Paris to Detroit.  It was  17 days of non-stop touring.

Thanks for taking a Journey with me…mini2z

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