Late October Topbox

Well it’s November 6th and my October Topbox made it here.  I have emailed Topbox a few times.  Once they told me I’d be refunded but then I emailed again and they asked about my address confirmation.  I confirmed it again which for some reason you have to do every month and didn’t hear anything back.  I didn’t realize that the LouLou was being shipped with my regular monthly Topbox and that arrived today too.  If you don’t know about Topbox, its a Canadian Monthly Subscription that is $12 a month plus tax.  You receive four samples, deluxe samples or full size beauty products.

I’ve cut back on my subscriptions and only kept Topbox for me and IPSY for my daughter.  I signed up for the reduced packaging so my products shipped in an organza bag in an waterproof bag.  Canada Post left it on my porch in the rain and didn’t knock.  The pupalups didn’t even tell me that anyone was here.

I received the regular Topbox and not one of the upgraded PRIVE boxes. You’re not guaranteed the upgraded box but there is a chance you can get them.  This month I received the four items, one which is full size.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum .34 FL OZ $20 value Prestige True Khol Kajal Waterproof Eyeliner in Black Matte Full Size $5.00 The Balm How ‘Bout Them Apples Cheek and Lip Balm in Pie $5.00 Bioderma Sensibio H20 100 ml $15.00

Total value in products $45.00 for $12 plus taxes.  I’m not overwhelmed by anything and the last thing I needed was another eye liner but I updated my beauty profile so we see what next month oh I mean this month brings.

The LOULOU box is still available on the Topbox website and it’s $40 with free shipping.

October TOPBOX
October TOPBOX
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LouLou Special Edition Box


This arrived today. I knew it was on its way but was still surprised that it was here today. I didn’t hear the postman and neither did the pups.

I must say I’m a little surprised everything was intact. It was in a nice box with tissue. The nail polish was in a cute paper bag – TOGETHER! LouLou this was really poor packing on your part. Again nothing was broken.

My daughter promptly stole the mascara. She has FOUR that she uses for Irish Dance competitions. FOUR!! She is allergic to latex so has to be careful. She is also very pale and has non-existent eyelashes and eyebrows.

This was the inside:


The nail polishes :


There was a card from the editor of LouLou magazine Joanne Pietracupa detailing the curation. I knew beforehand that there was a nail colour swap. I couldn’t tell the differences in the emails. One was a tiny bit darker. Now I’m new to nail polish as I recently stopped butting my nails. I’m going to try changing my own polish tomorrow.


The goodies $130 worth for only $40 with free shipping and a subscription to LouLou Magazine. I just purchased the recent issue and LOVED IT! I have so many pages turned over for future reference.

I am writing this from memory so I will add a list if all the goodies from the card later.

The box is still available here:

LouLou and Chatelane Special Edition Topboxes



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