Wantable Accessories July 2014

I received my July Accessories box quite quickly. I’m still waiting for my Wantable Intimates that I ordered at the same time.

At always it had a note that it was packed just for me!

I don’t know how they get do much stuff into the little boxes. Maybe someone from Wantable can come over & help my with the trailer packing?

I had as my Loves, Classic, sunglasses, scarves and silver tones, my likes as glam.

I received three scarves and a pair of sunglasses for a total value of $78. I paid only $32 including free shipping.

The goodies:

Leslee Scarf
Lightweight fabric and lace in an infinity design. My is grey and beige lace and super soft. $24 value
Not really my style but it’s nice.
A miss / swap

Kayla Sunglasses
Tortoise inspired design with tiny rhinestones $18
I lose sunglasses (in Europe I lost three pairs) I don’t mind losing a pair that is fun and inexpensive. My girlie didn’t like them on me but I do!
A Hit! Keep

Carrie Scarf
Grey and orange chevron infinity
It’s super soft and if the grey was with any other color I would love it. I’m not an orange person. $18 value
A miss – swapped already!

Kiersten Scarf
Okay this is peach but it is super soft and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! $18
A hit – please send me every colour dear Wantables

Overall I loved this box but will play with my settings for the next one.
I’m going to skip every other month and get an accessories one month and intimates the next. This way I can stay in my $100 per month box limit.





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Wantables Accessories – May 2014



Last month was my first month for the Wantable Accessory box.  They have three different types of boxes, the accessories, the make-up and the intimates.  Boxes are $40 for a one time box which is what I did for my first box.  I also had a coupon for both my first month and then Wantable sent me a code when I signed up.

So this past month’s box was only $32.60 and the fist box was double. So it pays to wait and sign up for longer. I have no commitment like I do with two other boxes. I like that I can customize the box. You will never get any of your dislikes.

You take a survey and if you watches put it to dislike
I had only scarves and silver tone set to loves. I had sunglasses and earrings set to like and everything else was dislike. See photo here
Last month I has necklaces set to like and I got a huge necklace. It was beautiful but it wasn’t me. This month was so all my style. I have worn the print scarf and the sunglasses every day. Today in GUESS the salesman stopped me, yes salesMAN, on my scarf. I promptly told him about Wantable. He asked if they had men’s scarves but I had to tell him that it was only women. So wantable you have an untapped market, MEN who like gorgeous fashion tailored to them not the cookie cutter boxes that are out there!

This month I received:
Abbie earrings – three pairs of studs with a value of$14
Ava Scarf – print in coral, red and sky blue- $24
Elizabeth scarf – cream lightweight knot – $24
Laura Sunglasses – $22
Total value $84 and all reasonably priced prices I would pay in stores, no I mean online!

Please use my Referral Link if you think you’d like to subscribe to any of the Wantable boxes.










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Sneak Peak of Wantable April Accessories Box

Sneak Peak of Wantable April Accessories Box

Love everything – two scarves, three pack of earrings and cool shades

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