Way back wIMG_0667hen I first got the internet I stumbled upon a great group of women. We all have kidlets that were born in or around November 1997. I’ve met a couple of these awesome women in real life. They’re some of the first people I confide in with happy news, sad new, shocking news and everything in between. We started out on Parentsplace and then it became ivillage and then one member set up an awesome private place for us on her own server. I get to travel the world with them seeing Asia, Europe, North America and I love all the photos they share. To the November 97 Group – I
love you, mini2z

My tattoo is what my first ever internet avatar was. 

I met a great woman who is in South Africa via Irish dance through an Irish Dance board. I remember convincing her to get Facebook and she was the first ever person I ever spoke to on Skype! Sweetiepea I love you, minimoo

I also met a very equally group of friends via a crazy game that none of us play anymore but they will always be my FV friends.  If you know what FV is great, if not yeah I’m not going into to it!  But love you Mandy, Sunny, Susan, Craig, Sandra, Carrie, Beverly and a few more that I’m sorry if I didn’t name you personally I have that brain fog problem…

The newer but equally awesome people, the bloggers and the Unicorn Ladies. You all hold a special place in my heart. The bloggers because you get it! You get invisible illness, isolation and my writing dreams. The Unicornians, you’ve become an awesome group of diverse ladies who have been there for me in some of the lowest of lows for me and I thank you. I just hope one day I can be there for you like you’ve been there for me. Lots of Love, Kristin

It’s kind of crazy how I’ve evolved over the years. I never would have posted my name all those years ago, I was just mini2z. minimoo is just a special name given to me and I’m Kristin but still mini2z.

To find true friendship in an online internet world is an amazing thing. Thank you to my online friends.

Journey with me … mini2z



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