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I really don’t know what to call medical updates.  I went to the new doctor on Monday morning really really early.  I’m not a morning person.  But I did get to see a fellow lupie who I’ve only talked to on Facebook and the phone.

I have a Family Doctor, a Psychologist, a Rheumatologist, a Psychiatrist, a Gastroenterologist and an Endocrinologist.  I have got my family doctor to get my blood tests that are every three months with the other tests the rest of them want so I don’t have to go every month for blood draws.  

So I took a photo of all my medications so I wouldn’t have to lug a suitcase in with me. Well I guess I should have looked more closely at the photo because I couldn’t read everything on all the labels.  There has to be a better way to share the information with your doctors.  They all need the same information so a database system that they all could access with your medications, your lab work, other test results.  I know this makes sense so it will never happen.  So I get to keep carrying my lab results and any test results that I have had because to tell them all oh I just had that test, oh I had an ultrasound but didn’t remember if it was just my stomach and gall bladder or the whole area.

Well I get to go for a stomach scope.  The new Gastroenterologist said he’s going to test my stomach for Celiac disease since I have a few autoimmune diseases already.  The good thing is I’m first up because of my latex allergy bad thing it’s early in the morning.  In my 40 plus years I can say I’ve never had a scope.  I have had to swallow the chalk for the barium test but that was a long time ago. I just want to stop feeling nauseous for 24 hours a day as I wasn’t even this nauseous when I was pregnant with the kidlets.

It’s nice because today is a no doctor day which mean I can stay in my comfy clothes. Lounge pants and a tank top.  Last night I even put the eye gels to try and reduce some of the bags under my eyes from the crappy sleep.  I’m thinking they did NOTHING for me.  I’m using a new serum for around my eyes and a new face product for moisture that I’ll be doing two blogs on the weekend about.  The eye serum smell really bad but the face stuff is rose scent and I love it.

March is Autoimmune Awareness

Don’t forget it’s Autoimmune Awareness Month still and share your information!

If you’re a blogger and you have a Chronic Illness that you blog about please join in with the Chronic Bloggers here.


So how do you manage your doctor appointments?  Any advise on the scope?  Being put out so that makes me happy!

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