Lupus Part Three of my Journey

I’ve been sick forever, no really just ask anyone I work with and they’ll say, “yep she’s always got something wrong with her”.

In the early year my thyroid wasn’t controlled well and I picked every bug out there.  About the time I was diagnosed with the diabetes with it’s own special name (see Part 2) I was sicker than normal and I chalked it up to thyroid and the diabetes kicking my bodies butt.  I had all the signs of lupus, fatigue, constant low grade fevers, complete body aches and the occasional butterfly rash.  I knew what lupus was because my girlie was told when she was 11 that the had blood markers that she was susceptible to getting Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis so I searched it up.  I had an Instagram friend send me a message saying she was a nurse and asked if I had lupus because of a few photos that I posted with Ranger because I had the butterfly rash.  For me the butterfly rash comes and goes.

 out of spoons 

Lupus testing started in 2013 and it was blood test galore.  A new doctor was added, a Rheumatologist who also sent me to the vampires.  I have had a positive ANA every single time it’s been tested in the last three years.  I have had to go to the ER twice in severe pain in my abdomen, chest, head with nausea and migraines.  Then my liver was showing some whacky results so extra tests and a new doctor.  I think I’m collecting doctors at this point.  I would work, then be sick for one shift where I slept for almost two days.  If I made it through the four shifts I’d be a useless blob for my four days off. I didn’t realize how much I’d pushed myself until I had to slow down.  I like working, I like helping people, I like having a big project to take on like planning a fundraiser for my kidlets Irish dance but my body was saying no way.  Well after a year and a bit the Rhuemy put me on plaquenil.  It was back and forth with him before he’d finally give it to me. My dosage has been adjusted three times and now I’m on the maximum.  He also told me I have a wonderful sister disease of Fibromyalgia.  Well Fibro brings more pain at my pressure points and there isn’t much that can be done for it.  I do get cortisone shots in my hips but they really only help on my left side.  The right does sweet F all.  I don’t like the doctor because he’s really absent minded.  I have an appointment with a new doctor at the end of this month.  The fellow Lupies that I’ve talked to in my area LOVE her.  I’m hoping I will as well.  So I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia on top of Hashimoto’s Thyroid and an Autoimmune diabetes called LADA.  

But wait there’s MORE…

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  • I also have Lupus & Fibro together so I can relate! I hope your new doctor works out for you, I am trying to find a new one as well!

    Sending spoons your way! 🙂

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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