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Today marks the fifth appointment this week with doctors.  That doesn’t include the blood draw either.  I’ve been waiting for this doctor for almost two years.  Hoping he can offer insight and change meds if need be.  He wasn’t taking patients but three of my doctors worked to get me in.  It’s not until 3:20 pm which is a weird time for a Friday afternoon.  I’ll take what I can get.


I also got in on Monday with my Chiropractor who has been learning from Dr. Ted Carrick So we shall see if all the concussions, whiplash and bumps to the head have caused me some damage.  Will keep you posted.

But I’ve worn myself out with everything this week.  So extra spoons please!

Today we are having a late Father’s Day and a late graduation celebration for my daughter with ALL our kidlets and my future-daughter-in-law.  Hubby made the burgers last night and they smelt so good but we have enough to feed an army!   Here is a photo on my Instagram. 

I posted a video of Randger on their Instagram @keelyandranger of how Ranger says good morning to daddy.  You’d think that he left them for a month but nope just sleeping and the crazy pupalup sleeps in our room.  Video here  My hubby actually reads my blog so he may kill me for posting that! Love you! 

I’ve been posting the Facebook, Twitter and NAIDC pages for info on the North American Irish Dance Championships that are in Providence, RI this weekend.  We’ve (once a MAID always a MAID) had some amazing placements for Ardan Academy so far.  My daughter has been retired since December but it was so much part of our lives.  My son went to Nationals twice and it was an amazing weekend both times.

Oh yeah, Se’s Kirations is still for sale – price has been reduced. See the ad here  

Kirations For Sale

Kirations For Sale

So what are you doing this weekend?  Going away?  Staying home with family?  

Journey with me….mini2z


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