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I started. This blog post at 24 hours after my hubby had an accident with his motorcycle and broke his leg in two places. We have a great family support system in our five children and my sister in laws. Last night we had four of the five kids here brought us food, hubby some items needed like his iPad and headphones because he’s here for the long haul. I didn’t stay last night but felt completely guilty because I needed to go home, get medications since my son lost my plaquenil (it was left at home) and I went to the hospital without a shower. My oldest, the only one who didn’t make it on Saturday came and sat with me while her dad was in surgery. She felt bad because she was the only one that didn’t make it the night before. She was a trouper and brought me a tea, we got to visit with hubby in the recovery before surgery. The doctor came out after about an hour and half and and he said he’d be out of recovery in an hour. Then my boys showed up, one with food for me and the other with items I forgot because I was going to stay the night with my hubby. We were still waiting. He had surgery at 4:30 pm and at about 8:30 a nurse came out and told us that hubby was still frozen and would be in recovery for a while and only one could come in. I made my oldest go in and see her dad because she had to go to work really early and I could see how tired she was. She let us know that he was awake but until he could move his legs he had to stay. At some point my daughter in law came and we waited. After all the tea, I had to make a few trips to the restroom which was nowhere near the OR waiting room and on my last trip the transporter told me they were bringing him up to his room. I grabbed the kids and all our crap (I have an ER bag but that’s another blog) and we went up to the room. They got him settled into the room and I hadn’t realized that they were going to move him one room over to a private room (damn) and that they had moved all our stuff and the chairs I had the boys procure from hallways. The youngest came up after she was done work. I was given an an awesome lounge chair that was better that the chair from the day before. I slept for a two hour block that was completely solid and I have the Fitbit evidence to prove it.  

The other side of the spoon ( #othersideofthespoon ) is where I have been for five days so far. I’ve been the worried one with my hubby who has been my rock out of commission. After four days, three nights hubby came home. I was so tired that I didn’t hear the house, my cell phone but my son did. We went to get him and remembered all the stuff he needed to come home, a left shoe, hoodie but I forgot the cigarettes (the nicotine patch worked great in hospital) and his other clothes were there along with the crutches that we borrowed a year ago (thanks Vicki). He was still getting his bandages changed and all the discharge paperwork done. Home meant, walking boot, prescription pick up and something else but my brain isn’t remembering. Once we got home, yeah house keys were an item none of us had them. A call to my mom to bring keys because our daughter wasn’t answering her phone and she locked us out. Getting home and settled was exhausting. We had to make sure nothing was in his way of getting to the bedroom, to the bathroom and to the kitchen. First problem was our bathroom rug even though it had a rubber backing it almost made him fall. My house was a mess and I’ve been working slowly to get it so Ger could have some visitors and not be embarrassed by our house. I did have my mom vacuum because we had piles of extra dogs around as my pupalups shed a dog a day.

My hubby is reluctant to ask me to do anything because he knows I’m not well and get exhausted easily. I’m on the other side of the spoon and figuring out what I can and can’t do to help is new to me. Last night he was talking in his sleep which is something he never does so I kept waking up and asking questions like do you need medication, a light on to get up to go to the bathroom? Keely our lab likes to lay right next to the bed and she blends into our hardwood floors. He was just talking away and went the whole night without a pain pill BUT needed them as soon as he woke up.  He’s reluctant tho take any medications as he only has so many and with any pain pills he has only five days worth and his follow up isn’t for another 10 days.  


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Today is day six after his accident. He still needs to look at the Harley and see if we need to call the insurance company. Today, is me trying to figure what I can do but I made some decisions yesterday and got a walker / wheelchair for two months, my so picked up the dog food, paid the bill for the boot that my hubby has only worn home and cooked us dinner as there is only so much take out you can eat or afford. 

As for me and being on the other side of the spoon this week, it’s been exhausting but I love my husband and this past year of my illnesses has brought us closer together.  I know that seems weird that an illness and injury had brought us closer but it has.  He’s my best friend and I am his.  We are in this together and even though I got the diagnosis from a second Doctor that I have lupus this week, I’m more worried about my hubby and learning what it’s been like on the other side of the spoon than what’s my future at this point.  I just want him to heal and to be able to rid his motorcycle that he waited oh so long to get and keep worrying about him as I learn to be  #othersideofthespoon 

I’d also like to thank all of our children, our family and our friends, without you we couldn’t have got through this past two weeks.  We love you and appreciate all that you have done for us.  Thank you!

Have you ever been on the other side of the spoon?  What has your journey been like? 

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  • Oh wow! I’m sorry hear/read about your husband. 🙁 Thank goodness it was not worse! I imagine it’s still frustrating though with all that on your plates. Sending more spoons your way!

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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