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I was in grade 10 English class and my teacher gave me a book of Robert Frost’s poems at the end of the year. Mr. Creede told me that I should reconsider my choice of careers and become a writer. The Poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost was my favourite from that still treasured book.

Places I’ve been:
Cuba – in college – alone but with other members of student governments
Caribbean Cruise – alone and placed in a room with another young traveller Deborah from Boston. We left Miami to Cozumel, to Grand Cayman to Jamaica and back to Miami.
Florida and Disney – a whirlwind weekend
Jamaica – Wedding Honeymoon with my awesome Hubby
Several States in the US
Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada – every summer,
Europe with my daughter: London, England, Paris and Versailles France, Zurich and Lucerne, SwitzerlandVerona, Assisi, Lido de Jesolo, Venice, Florence, Rome Italy and Vatican City.
The Less Travelled part is seeing the rest of the world or as much as we can on a Round the World ticket.  I’ve been able to research and it seems like the most economical way to travel.  We need to figure out what we want to do and what my body will allow us to do.

Our planned trip:
Detroit to Los Angeles –
LAX to Sydney, Australia – Se wants to see a ballet at the Opera House and I want to walk across that bridge~ (If WeeGinger can, I can)
Sydney to Cairns – Great Barrier Reef (must get dive certified first)
Cairns to Bangkok, Thailand to see our Sandy (she was our exchange student and we miss our girlie)
Thailand to the Maldives – relax
The Maldives to Greece – this was added by Se – I had NO clue that she wanted to go but I’m game.
Greece to ?
?? to Glasgow, Scotland – My family on my grams side, the Robertson’s came from Glennelg, Scotland and I want to see where my family came from.
Scotland to Dublin – After my kidlets dancing Irish Dance for 14 years, we need to go there.
Dublin back to Detroit.
With Round the world tickets, wherever you left from, you need to end your journey there.
This page may change and get updated as travels are fulfilled by the wanderlust.

Journey with me…mini2z

So if you could take an around the world trip, where would you go? Share your dream trip with me!

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