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The Squad Girlies

Today my youngest kidlet is having her last play day in school.  She is having her grads fun day.  They started out with a mass and then were going to a local club for fun, food and friends.  They will sign the Class of 2015 flag, they will get their Class of 2015 T-shirts, have pizza and ice cream.  It will be a day of fun and for some the last day they’re all together at least in a school setting.  The squad is the girlie’s core group of school friends.

The girlie had come home from school and asked if I checked my messages.  I was a little confused as we had a long night and sleep was all messed up.  Well it turns out she needed to have one last visit from Mr. K.  He is the school nurse as well as her absolute favorite science teacher.  The voice mail was pretty interesting and stated that Se just needed one last time to spend time with him.  You see the girlie had developed an allergy to latex out of nowhere.  The allergy is airborne for her, she smells it she has trouble breathing.  Several times in the past year she’s had to have Benadryl and has been close to having to use her epipen.  There were a few times that we found out how bad her reaction was and she should  have been given the epi and an ambulance ride to the hospital.   So Mr. K. THANK YOU for everything that you’ve done for Se.

I know Se doesn’t read my blog (so she says) but the rest of the squad does.  So girlies, I’m proud of you all.  Se I’m so proud of you and the amazing young woman you’ve become.

Yesterday, the girlie got a surprise $500 scholarship.  I’m so proud of her.  She’s ticked because she’s short one mark for a $1000 scholarship.

cropped-20140427-1616161.jpgSo girlies as you embark upon this new chapter of your lives, college, university or working embrace the changes and enjoy your journey.

Journey with me, mini2z

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