I have three days left to get my laundry done.  I’ve been procrastinating because it includes a trip to the laundromat.  I need to use the big machines because I want to was all the towels, comfortors and sleeping bags from the trailer.  I’ve already donated two huge bags of clothes and linens to the Bible store near our house.  I’ve purged everything that I had in the old trailer that will never fit me again or I won’t let fit me again.  My plan is to only bring what I need but I don’t want to have to do laundry every other day either.  This new trailer is a wee bit short on storage but makes up for it in just beautiful living spaces.  

I found a shelf divider at Target but they only had one.  So later today I’m off to Michigan to check out a Target there and a Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I’m dragging the girls with me and I may buy them lunch or super depending.

My Se hurt her foot bad yesterday the first day of her workshop.  Top of her foot and the ankle are all bruised.  The boyo wrapped her foot for her after she saw my foot doctor who was basically horrified at the though of more dancing on it.  So she is taking today off after the RICE protocol for it.  It isn’t broken so that’s a good thing.


 The Floor Plan of our New Trailer 

Dreaming that I will be done by Friday when we leave with the two girlies, two pupalups, the hubby and I.  Leaving gramma home with the boyo for a month is scary but we need the time away and the boyo works.  



Some of 2013 Sauble Beach Memories

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