Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts on my dream reader

Do I have regular readers? New readers? How do I keep them around?  These are my questions that I need to answer.

It’s cold here in southern Ontario.  The pupalups don’t want to go out and the humans don’t either.  I can’t wait until I get my car back because the rental doesn’t have heated seats and remote start.  The rental also is possessed!  NO really it likes to lock you in and the windows have been frozen shut since we picked it up on Friday.

I need to make a run to my mailbox to pick up three packages and mail two but that is NOT happening today!  You see it’s cold not just cold but schools all over the place have closed due to the insane cold.

The cold also affects my body.  I’ve had to let the cortisone wear off prior to the surgery and I think it’s completely worn off. I never realized just how much those painful shots were helping keep my foot pain at bay.  It’s so hard to walk right now and it hurts even to put on my Uggs.

My surgery is January 19th and I hope that day comes really quick.  I don’t know why but the lupus/fibro seems to be acting up too as my whole body hurts.

My friend gave me $25 gift card for the The Home Shopping Channel here in Canada and I bought these.  They are the most Amazing pants ever.  In Canada you can only get them from the Shopping Channel and in the US they are a Stitch Fix exclusive brand.

Margaret M

Margaret M

Am I a dream author?  No but I think I’m honest.

Where I want to be: 599637_10150950696727245_1652258803_n

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