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Thursday Thoughts

                    Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thought with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Today I’m happy that it’s warmer and the sun is out.  I’m still so itchy and wish that it would just go away.  Doe anyone know if you use oatmeal in a bath if it clogs your drain?  I guess with the rashes it’s not such an “invisible illness”?

The “Featured Image” is a sneak peak on a special blog that will be posted on Saturday! Stay tuned here!

Thanks to Jennifer at Ramblings I can manage both of my instagram accounts at the same time because it’s a pain logging out of one and then into the other and back again and then again.  You get the point.  So you can have only three streams with the free Hootsuite

I’ve been researching flights for the girlie to go to Kathmandu, Nepal for the Habitat build.  The earliest she can get there is 22 hours and the next is 33 hours.  I’m good with research and such so I will keep looking.

I’ve changed my Pinterest from a personal to a business account as a blogger.  If you see a broken photo link please let me know because I’m learning as I go!

If you like info about Thyroid issues, Autoimmune Diseases, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Migraines then check out my facebook page because I share a lot of info I get there.  I’m not sure what I can share here so sharing a post that great information is better to be shared in it’s entirety.  So join me on Facebook


What I have in grey and love and will exchange for

I know some bloggers have set amount of words they like to write about but I just kind of free write.  I do love to add photos because I feel it makes the blog look prettier.

c972ea4131f7a286cff917b82884fc91 I bought a pair of Sanuk sandals yesterday.  Well I’m going to take them back and exchange them for the normal yoga sandal.

They hurt my toes and I need a bit support that the Yoga sling offers.  I just love Sanuk sandals.  Sanuk means “happy” in Thai which I didn’t know before yesterday.  So lesson learned, go with what you know and love!

Bag and Wander released their August box.  I really love this box and can’t wait to receive it.

august bag and wander

The best email I received;


Your items from the Jared Padalecki’s “AKF – Part III” campaign is now printed and ready. Your order will now be folded, packaged and shipped to you shortly! We will let you know as soon as we ship it.

– Team Represent

I ordered a purple unisex fitted in purple.  The shipping was crazy expensive but I really wanted this shirt.  I’m going to always keep fighting and the purple is for Lupus.  a8fc320ee42bd6a0b1cc4b029ef19fb9

So what are you thinking about this Thursday?

Journey with me… mini2z


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  • Love that shade of purple on the shirt! I have two pairs of Sanuk Yoga Slings and love them! I love how I don’t even notice them. I keep wanting more, but need to wait for prices to drop. Hoping for some end of season clearance soon!

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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