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Thursday Thoughts are with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban mom.  Thank you Jennifer for allowing us to post our blog link on your blog!

What are my thoughts today?

  • Canada Post did not knock on my door yesterday in an attempt to deliver a package.  They didn’t try because I have the pupalups that would have told me that there was someone at the door.  We will see what happens today as my daughter’s Michael Kors purse is out for delivery…
  • Invisible Illness – Just because you can’t SEE something wrong with someone doesn’t mean they are not deserving of a handicapped parking spot.  I’ve had times where my mom tells me to use hers (it’s in my car) but I’m not there yet but too much walking exhausts me.  This story breaks my heart… what do you think?
  • I share lots of info, photos, articles, stories, videos on the Facebook page for Journey with me … mini2z
  • I would love for the Journey with me… mini2z Facebook page to reach 100 likes this weekend
  • my friend Sarah is STILL in the hospital and I hope she gets to go home soon!
  • I didn’t have any doctors appointments yesterday or today!
  • I am looking forward to a massage tomorrow
  • I have been feeling so sick with the side effects of Plaquenil. Basically I feel pregnant with nausea, dizzy, fatigue only I don’t get a baby at the end BUT I’m hopeful that I will be able to live a better quality life
  • automated telemarketers?  Why do we have a house phone still?  They are the only people that call the house…
  • My friend Wendy stopped by for a short visit yesterday and we talked while I was in bed.  Everyone knows my bed is the casual conversation place…. no really!  My kidlets and their friends all come and talk to me in my room.
  • I make my bed in the morning and cover up with a lightweight blanket after when I’m having a bad stay in bed day and it’s been like that ALL WEEK
  • Chef’s plate was good but we were thankful that the kidlets weren’t home.  The idea of it is great but the two steaks for four people wasn’t filling.  (that’s another blog post)  My Hubby did the cooking and he will get more credit in the blog post.
  • I can’t figure out how to set my PVR on the Bell box so I only tape a new show once not everytime its on.  There is a way for me to add my favorite channels too but I haven’t figured that out eiter
  • Bloom the Workshop May photo shoot was featured on Inspired by This this week so we have the okay to blog and share all
  • I really appreciate my family and all they do for me.  From shopping to just making me a tea, thank you mom, Gerry, Se and Travis.
  • Does anyone want to know how I got my nickname of mini2z?
  • Is this not the coolest suitcase EVER?  I like the butterfly and hearts  
  • Paypal has this new cool feature called – you can get anyone to pay you back using your own link.  Have a unique name you want?  Grab it now before it’s gone mine is

    PayPal for mini2z

                       PayPal for mini2z

So does anyone want to sponsor me to go to the #bloombashseattle Bloom the workshop in October?

I think I’m going to have a link party on the weekend!  Who wants to share their link to get more exposure?

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  • Canada Post is so weird sometimes! Sorry you’re still feeling sick, hopefully that goes away soon! Or that you don’t find out that you are in fact pregnant ;). I like the sounds of the link party!

    • I am NOT pregnant! (not possible or a Dr will owe me LOTS of money) Trying figure out for Sharing Sunday…..

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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