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Joining Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts:

  • I really haven’t felt like writing in the past few days
  • was at the hospital for a three hour test and now I’m radioactive.  They gave me a card should I need to cross the border but said I will set off the alarms.
  • I’m more nauseous than usual now
  • I’m still working on organizing my dining room/living room as it has all the stuff that I’m going through.  I’m working on it slowly but it getting done
  • My new addiction in Found in Wonderland and their amazing clothes! I’ve gotten so many complements on the items I’ve worn albeit has only been to doctor’s, hospitals, labs, etc just amazing clothes!
  • I uploaded 15000+ photos from my computer to Google photos and deleted them off my computer and it took weeks but it’s done.
  • switching from one internet service provider to another when you’ve had your first one since you got the internet is really  a big pain in the ass – emails oh my so many that you need to get changed over.  Instead of the emails with the new company we went with generic hotmail ones.  Now I need to round up ALL my email addresses and get them into the one inbox….I think I have eight of them…. on thing at a time
  • I’ve gotten a big dent in my Christmas shopping, thank goodness for online shopping.
  • hubby told me to buy myself what I wanted for my camera so I settled on the 50mm lens kit, the battery extender thing and a bag,
  • My 21 day fix – shakeology came today but I will start it on Tuesday after the Canadian thanksgiving
  • my mom and gram went together on our Christmas present – a rolling storage cart with an wood top as extra storage and extra room for cooking – bye bye table and chair that are junk collectors – we don’t use them – AT ALL
  • my hubby is going to brine the turkey for thanksgiving again this year
  • new message on my bottle – “I love you to the moon and back”
  • Chef’s Plate came and looks good #2mealsFrommini2z – link will get you $44 off your first order 

My new Kitchen cart


Found in Wonderland Little Box of Wonders


Chef’s Plate Turkey Cutlets and Garlic Butter Steak #2mealsFrommini2z


Message from my girlie


My organization MESS


21 day Fix and Shakeology

  • So what’s your Thursday Thoughts?

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