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Today I’m joining up with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  She has a cool DIY project that looks fun and photos of the secret Santa gifts received from the group.  My gift to my person needs to get mailed.  I really hope she’s going to love it.  Getting it mailed has been brutal because I’ve been sicker than normal.  More nausea and fatigue and my pain is off the charts.

I did make a hair appointment and my hubby brought me and I wanted to do something a bit different.  So the amazing Amanda did a Strawberry Blonde base with blonde highlights.  I love it and she took a photo for their website.


I am LOVING my coffee table that I bought for $75 and had refinished in red and distressed.  My son picked it up for me the other day and I LOVE it. Painted Twice Designs has a couple pieces for sale but they won’t be for long!  I love her work but I biased.

My Always Keep Fighting #AKF4 came yesterday and I wore it immediately.  It is Jared Padalecki’s motto for fighting depression. If you don’t know who Jared is, oh my, why not?  He’s Sam on Supernatural and he was on Gilmore Girls before Supernatural.  He’s open and honest about his fight with depression.  It can happen to anyone!  So Always keep fighting and remember Your Story isn’t over yet;  Check out Project Semicolon  ; read some stories, share your story but remember to Always Keep Fighting.


To my Secret Santa giftees your presents are getting mailed!

I’m off to the doctors today and I think it’s my last one of this year I’m not sure.  Brain fog means day-planners are essential!

So today I have to find a blog and politely disagree.  I don’t know if I can do that….

What are you thinking about on this Thursday, ONE week before Christmas?

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