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Thursday Thoughts I link up over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom:

This Thursday has me thinking about:

  • My guilty pleasure has been Bachelor in Paradise!  Seriously, how dramatic can it be?  To have no Air Conditioning and the women have great hair and makeup all the time.  Crying?  I don’t think I’ve ever cried that much about a guy in such a short time, thinking of Ashley.
  • Also been watching some of the Olympics flipping between Canadian and US television channels.  Still can’t understand watching Golf but found myself stuck on it for a while. Just show me the end of the sport and see the top five people.  Today the 10m dives, BMX and more decathlon is what has my attention.  
  • Speaking of attention; I have been getting worse in my focus and losing my thoughts when doing tasks, talking to someone I just stop in the middle and completely forget what I’m talking about.  It’s getting so frustrating.
  • My youngest kidlet is currently up in the Bruce Peninsula and posted a photo on Instagram with the Sorry Mom I’m on a Cliff – I don’t like heights but she did it and I’m proud of her. 
  • I have been in a flare for over a week now.  Constant pain in my hips, back and right leg and a migraine.  I seem to have the migraine under control now.  I’ve had three doctors appointments this week and I love that all of them understand my illnesses and validate that the pain.
  • My husband and I are thinking we need to put our trailer somewhere where we can use it more than a couple weeks out of the year.  We will use it more when retirement comes but now it’s just sitting in our driveway.  He thinks that Sauble Beach is just way to far to have it as a seasonal trailer.  He wants to look at a few places near home.  The only one I like has an enclosed area for the pupalups to run around off leash and get some energy burned off.  I just want it far enough away that it feels like we are away but hubby wants to be able to drive to work if we need to.  Decisions, decisions….
  • I ordered the Instapot that everyone has been talking about.  It’s been delivered but it’s still in the box but it’s supposed to make cooking quicker and easier.  My question is can you put something frozen like chicken and let it cook?  My problem is we have food but it’s always frozen and we find recipes and don’t prepare.

Se on a Cliff at Bruce National Park

As you can see, I hope you can see that I’ve made some changes to my blog.  I changed from to and became self hosted.  I did this because I have received some free products to try as a member of the Chronic Illness Bloggers network.  This will allow me to put items I want on my blog such as an affiliate link, advertising a product I love, etc.  I found out that self hosting isn’t very easy as I thought it was going to be.   I’m still not done as I’m trying to figure out a nice plugin that will allow a nice posting of my Instagram feed.  I just want to feature the last photo or two on the blog.  I like a blog to have some photos to break up the writing.  
What are you thinking about on this Thursday?

Thank you for continuing with me through the changes of Journey with Me … mini2z

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  • Your daughter is beautiful and brave:) She gets it from you whether you believe it or not! Proud of you becoming self-hosted!! It can be a tough change, but very worth it:)

    • Nina, this is driving me insane the self hosting! Thank you so much about my daughter, she can be pretty awesome!

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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