Thursday Thoughts

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Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

I’m a little okay maybe a lot late but I’m hooking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban mom for my Thursday Thoughts.

I sent a photo of my daughter and her friends from her prom to our local paper and they were added to the paper’s blog. Then I started a facebook group to let them know and somehow it’s now the Squad + Mom. My daugher was absolutely stunning in her prom dress with her hair down and make up on.


Photo credit to Alexsandra Marie Photography

A local charity had a bunch of designer gowns given to them and they were selling them for $75-100.  Weill I went and picked one up.  I just love the colours in it. I’m really not feeling well at all and I had to chop my head off in the photo but you get the idea.


My poor pupalup Ranger has been itching and scratching at his face.  We’ve been giving him Benadryl as prescribed but last night his eye was bloody.  We were able to get him in to his vet’s today.  He thankfully didn’t damage his eye.  He’s got an antibiotic and some strong meds to help with his allergies.  We think he’s allergic to our ornamental crab tree.  He was having fun playing with the dog at the vet.


I don’t that I look like crap in yoga clothes but I’m thankful I have a photo of me and my baby girl on her prom night. Even though I was having a bad day illness wise I’m glad I got to see her.  I love you Se!


PS my daughter and her friends asked each other, “does anyone read your mom’s blog?”

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