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Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

As with most Thursdays I’m linking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

Jen got me thinking since her boys are done school.  Yes they end early in June and go back after labour day.  Se won’t be done until the 24th of this month.  She has a teacher who I hear from usually once a week because of her severe allergy to latex and it’s worsening effects on her.  I want to get him something nice and special to say thank you for all you’ve done for my kidlet.  Women are so much easier to buy for than men.  Any suggestions?

I have two or three appointments today with doctors and therapists.  I hurt everywhere and don’t want to leave the house.  My eyes are so dry that I don’t think I can put contacts in. I hate this feeling and I’m out of spoons and I’m too tired to make a second tea let alone get dressed.  I don’t think the public would love my pj’s as much as I do.


Turns out my doctor said pj’s would have been fine.  I have homework to work on from the occupational therapist.  Charting my day and my sleep.  Next week I’m to incorporate a walk into my morning routine,  If the hubby’s home it would be good for us both and each take a pupalup.  Although, I will take one and then the other, I will try,  Baby steps first.  I don’t think the physical therapist was happy with me.  I explained that my doctor didn’t agree with the cardio, weight training regime yet as I’m just out of a flare and walking and yoga was the way to start.  I tried explaining that if I achieved a shower tonight it would be a miracle.  I’m so tired, sore and fatigued and she just didn’t understand.  I left feeling stressed and frustrated.

I went Staples to get a clipboard for the homework.  If it’s in a book or duotang I may not see it to do it.  So I picked up the cheapest one I could find but they were setting up for back to school.  At least I know where Se can get her favorite binders in June and not hunt in September for them.

Last night the girlie was all freaked out about college and paying for her semester.  She is lucky and has a small trust fund but that entails her taking her great gram to the credit union and getting a bank draft.  She thought I had to go too.  The boyo tried explaining the process but it’s a new experience and she was a little stressed.  She did tell me that all her friends read my blog and then walked away.  (Thanks Squad Girlies)  I texted her, “do you?” and promptly got the reply, “NOPE”. Well maybe one day she’ll want to read.

So I have a few subscription box reviews to work on, Popsugar Must Have Summer Box, Birchbox SE box, Luxebox the girlie’s IPSY.  It may be one big post.  I’ll post a preview.


Luxe Box by Loose Button What’s Inside?

Please give me suggestions to give to a male teacher/nurse as a thank you and you survived my daughter the past two years!! 

So until then have a tea

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My new tea mug – I Love Amazon

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