Thursday Thoughts

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Thursday Thoughts

Today I’m really late but linking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts

Today I’m thinking that just seriously hates me.  I thought I had it all figured out but nope.   I’m still having issues.  So I’m writing this on wordpress.  On the lines of hating me is Gravatar and Tumblr.  I’m not even going to get into it.

My Erin Condren planner is in waiting for me ever so patiently at my mailbox in Michigan.  I also have Ranger’s Pawcet waiting there too.  Hubby has to go over because he has to pick up his truck parts.  I just know that they’re something for the transmission so we can tow the trailer.  One of the boxes got hijacked and thankfully redirected back to us.  I also have my beautiful painting that is waiting for some love.


Today was an Occupational Therapy day.  Well my additional homework is to walk five minutes down the street.  The anxiety of doing that is so high that it’s not even funny.  The goal is to get me to be able to go somewhere without feeling the anxiety and wanting to throw up because I’m out of the house.  I’m not ready to completely explain the reason why but for me they’re real.  Now walking alone I don’t know but maybe I can look at training sessions with each of the pupalups individually.  I don’t know.

My girlie had the first of her last high school exams today.  Only three more to go.  She also got a surprise of a $500 entry scholarship for her good grades. If her average goes up by one mark she will get $1000.  Every little bit helps.

I reduced the girlies Irish Dance dress.  It’s beautiful and needs to find a new dancer to love it.  It comes with so many extras including a dress bag and is in mint condition.

Kirations For Sale

Kirations For Sale

So even though I have anxiety about leaving the house unless I’m going to an appointment, I still don’t like that I never seem to have my car.  Tomorrow my son needs it because he’s going camping and yet needs another repair on his truck.

I’m going to go with Thursday is a day I should have stayed in bed.

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