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Thursday Thoughts

As with every Thursday, I’m joining in with Jenn at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

Today is a special day, my youngest kidlet graduates from high school.  Where has the time gone?  I’m so proud of the girlie.  She’s worked so hard for the past four years and has made me so proud of all her accomplishments, friends and even the teachers who include one who is like a second mom to her.


My little ponytail girl growed up in the blink of an eye

My blog now has it’s own dedicated Facebook page. Follow here I’m happy with the logo, my tagline and the look of the blog now. If it wasn’t for the Bloom Workshop I don’t know if I would have been able to do all this.

I upgraded my mom’s phone around Christmas to an iPhone.  She received the book, iPhones for Seniors for Dummies as part of her birthday present.  I’ve set her up on Facebook and today I set her up on Instagram.  This is a person that deprograms her tv remote regularly.  By that I mean almost daily!

I went to my occupational therapy and don’t have to log my sleep and wake times anymore but she gave me a in bed at midnight and up at 7:00 am.  This is based on my sleep times, waking in the night and waking for the day.  Somehow this is supposed to help get me sleeping 8 hours again get rid of the insomnia.

Last night I received a special phone call from a lady who has lived with Lupus for 40 years.  She’s made me a binder and has information for me so when I meet her I’m to bring a jump drive.  Surprisingly she hadn’t heard about the spoon theory so I shared that with her.

I think you all know that I love flowers and I buy them for myself whenever I can.  Carnations are awesome because they stay so pretty for so long.  I also picked the girlie up an arrangement with Gerbera Daisies just for her.


I love flowers and enjoy them.  My favorite are the Alstroemerias they come in so many colours but I like carnations for their smell.

What is your favorite flower:?

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