Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US and I’m really craving Turkey.

I had a doctor’s appointment with my rheumatologist yesterday morning and my sweet hubby took me on very little sleep.  I on the other hand have been severely fatigued and sleeping at night and two to three hours in the day.  He asked about the rash on my face (two different times), changed my Plaquenil dose (after asking if we had done that yet) and told me to book an appointment for more cortisone shots in my hips but he’s going to increase the dose (then asked about the rash again…) I swear he is the most frustrating doctor I have ever been to.  So here’s to another few months of adjusting to the new dose and more nausea.

We needed to go to Costco and hubby and I stocked up on a lot of things including meat.  So he made some homemade chicken cordon blue and they were awesome and there is Hungarian Goulash in the crock pot for dinner.  It smells so so good.  We have two crock pots and I think they’re both 5 or 6 quarts.  We need a bigger one and I’ve looked online but it seems we have the biggest ones.

Both my kidlets have had a cold for the past week so I also stocked up on Advil Cold and Sinus, NyQuil and Benadryl for the house while at Costco. So far I have NOT gotten the cold and neither has the hubby.  I don’t need more complications on top of all the lupus and fibromyalgia crap.

I finished the 21 day fix last Sunday and I’m going to keep going.  I’ve learned proper portions, drinking the right amount of water and that I need to eat more veggies. So bring on round two!

The Gluten Free Red Ale my friend sent me as part of my Halloween / Fall gift exchange was pretty AWESOME.  It came to me via California but I found it’s made in Quebec!  I sent an email and they are trying to get it into our LCBO’s (not The Beer Store) but hopefully soon they said.


Black Friday … it’s a big thing in the US and Canada.  I have gone out before I think mainly for Boxing day sales with the kidlets.  I was able to get the two big things I needed for Christmas early this am.  I did stay up until 3:15 am to get one item to finally process through my cart to the point where I could put it in the cart and pay for it.  I had credit in a store that was offering a gift with purchase so I got my hubby a present, stocking stuff and two of the extra presents.  I have now finished all my major shopping for all my kidlets and my nieces.  The two nephews… yeah I’m at a loss.

I really wish my secret Santa people would answer their questions.  I’m getting anxious to finish their gifts and get them posted.


#AlwaysKeepFighting Tee 


This site has a great printable about When You’re Not Okay Please take a look if you have anxiety or depression.  Remember to #AlwaysKeepFighting and #StoryIsntOverYet;

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are thankful for all the good in your life.

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