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I’m joining in late but joining My Suburban Mom for some Thursday Thoughts:

– worked my most hated shift the past two days 6am – 6pm – I hate 5am alarm clocks

– thought I was feeling better – Nope came back with a vengence

– I have so much to to – overwhelmed

– who knew that large bags of dog food sold out?  I have a lab and a boxer – seriously two small bags lasts like a day – okay maybe two (said lab snipped at my foot when transferring food to container – she got a time out)

– why is Grey’s Annotomy on at 8pm tonight?  Good for me because I’ve been up since 5am but not for my girlie who is at work – it’s our show ( she did watch part of survivor with me last night)

– okay – tried to take tomorrow off but a rookie beat me to it by an hour….darn but it’s just a hockey game, season opener and all – I am Canadian ya know!

– If I fall asleep please tell me how Grey’s was

– Oh please tell me that there is NOT SIX months between part one and part two of Outlander?  Really SIX MONTHS?

– good night

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