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IMG_7821Rheumatologist appointment today.  The youngest kidlet and her friend drove me because showing and drying my hair exhausted me.  (said kidlet has never read my blog but her sweet friends do)

I never have to wait long to get in to see the Dr.  He asks how I’ve been, while looking at the computer of my last visit, the report of the specialist he sent me to and the blood tests from January.  I explained all my current symptoms, that I was freed from the Gastroenterologist as I have no liver diseases.  He again says he going to give me plaquenil and it will help with the fatigue but I have to see the eye doctor every six months.  I explained that I’m already seeing him every six months because of the diabetes and the eye doctor is aware I will be getting the plaquenil.  He examines me, looks at the photos of the butterfly rashes when I have had them and the photo of the bloodwork I had done today.  He pokes and prods and I hurt in more places than I realize.  He tells me I need cortisone shots in BOTH my hips and it will help with some of the pain.  WTF? Where on earth did that come from?  Okay, I’ve had pain in my right hip for a while but my left hurt just as much.  Because of the diabetes I get to get shots on two different days.  So he sends me to the receptionist who is so sweet when I tell her I need an appointment for a hip cortisone injection and she tells me that the earliest is August 19th.  She tells me she will call when I he gets my blood report and give me another appointment to go back in for the Plaquenil prescription.

The receptionist said my daughter came in to see if I was still with the doctor.  So the girlie wanted to go make sushi so dropped them off and I drove home from there.  Totally forgetting we needed bread (I don’t eat it) and came home and had a beer and tossed the frisbee for Keely.  It was one of those moments that I just needed to process the information.

I had cortisone shots in my feet for four years prior to my surgery and my mother has had both hips replaced.  So needing shots in my hips is freaking me out AND if the the Plaquenil is going to help with the fatigue then give me the damned prescription for it.  It’s NOT a narcotic (insert your favorite swear word)

So how was your day?

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