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Courtesy of Travel Fashion Girl

Photo Courtesy of Travel Fashion Girl

We, meaning my daughter and I have had major wanderlust since we went to Europe in 2013.

So the plan is to fly West to East and stopover in LA, California before Australia.  After Australia would be Thailand and Maldives to see and vacation with my Thai daughter who was Se’s friend on an exchange program who we ended up having her live with us and stayed longer to spend last summer with us camping.  

The plan after was to go to Ireland on the way home and my daughter said, “well we could go to Greece for RTW mapno extra with the RTW flight plan”.   ‘ve found that a Round the World or RTE is cheapest way to see multiple places.  My daughter seems to think I won the lottery and we can stop everywhere and wants to reverse the trip because another friend’s dad refuses to let her go to Thailand even with me!  The only reason we were going this way was it was a way to go to LA and Australia before Thailand.

Here comes the question….

Is it easier to fly East to West or West to East on your body and getting accustomed to the time changes?

Opinions, suggestions, places and things to do on a RTW that would be about six weeks?

Can’t wait to hear your suggestions! 

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