I had major insomnia last night.  I followed the orders of the occupational therapist and came tupdateo the couch to watch some tv and not be in my bed.  I think I got three hours sleep in total.  This is not a good formula for me.  I was doing well watching TV in my room, sleeping 6-8 hours even with the “stimulation”.  Now I’m more stressed about sleeping.  My OC says that I can ignore Saturday and Sunday because most people work Monday to Friday.  I tried to explain that I work, two 12 hour day shifts in which I’m a complete bitch in between the two days, 24 hours off and then two night shifts with four days off after.  Most therapy seems to be catered to the normal people who work Monday to Friday with a nine to five shift.  I’ve never known that.  I’m in my 25th year of policing and the “generalized” crap isn’t gonna cut it for me.

Hubby knew something was up because I haven’t slept on the couch in over a year.  Last year, it was my safe place and it took me a long time to love my bedroom again.  I love my couch and it’s a comfy place but at 7am when he was coming home he expected to find me in bed, out cold with a pupalup or two illegally in our bed.  I slept until 9am. I think from 6am.  I also had a nap around 3pm – 5pm and I haven’t been napping unless I’m in a lupus flare.

My daughter finished high school today.  No more exams, just the pomp and circumstance later in the week.  I’m so proud of her, I don’t think we tell her enough.  She’s the baby of four and can be the grumpiest but at the same time the most loving.  I’m so happy that today and tomorrow won’t be spent trying to find a “suitable” dress to wear under her cap and gown.  She found a dress on the weekend.  She’s requested a “family dinner” out after her fake diploma is handed to her.  Sushi is the torture that I will be subjected to.  I’m told I can get non-fish sushi, we shall see;.

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This is all new to me but I hope you’re following along in my recovery, acceptance, journey of awareness of the limitations that my illnesses have thrust upon me.

If you’re looking for a laugh, go check out the pupalups page on Instagram – keelyandranger – they got a new #pawcet today.  The best $35 I’ve spent.  Ranger will really only drink from fresh running water from the tub.  He’s a boxer not a labrador, therefore not a water dog.imagesThis is my crazy pupalup Ranger learning to drink from the Pawcet.  The Pawcet is from Quirky $35 (thought it was $24 but still cheaper than ebay)


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Keely drinking from her trusty bowl #Pawcet

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Ranger learning the Pawcet  & Keely drinking out of the regular bowl 

I’m hoping tomorrow will be a better day, sleep is needed and happy is needed too.

Journey with me…mini2z

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  • I think what gets me the most about insomnia is the stress that comes with it. Not only am I not sleeping – I get worried about how tired I’m going to be, and I’m always tired as it is. Then I end up getting 1-2 hours of sleep or something horrid because I am trying so hard to rest.
    I got this special cooling pillow, which took me a bit to like, and a full body pillow. I had a chillow (cats chewed on it after a week and it soaked me!) but this is different. I made the bedroom into a total rest haven. It’s comfortable and I love it – but still. I understand how frustrating it is.

    California rolls typically are just veggies – try those if you haven’t before. Beware since I know you avoid gluten, sushi typically has some in it, and regular soy sauce does as well. It’s generally small amounts, but it’s there.

    Just remember to take it one day at a time, it’s the best you can do.

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