Two Hours and ANSWERS!

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cropped-20140427-1616161.jpgTwo hours of testing with my amazing Doctor who is a chiropractor but he is a Functional Neurologist (candidate) Vestibular Traumatic Brain Rehab Specialist.

There is a reason for so many things going on with me right now after this testing.  There is a name for the machine but I had goggles on and did lots of follow the dots.  Well the printout shows what it should be and what my brain is doing or not doing.   I fall over to the left if my eyes are closed and feet together.  So I have problems with my Limbic System and have Vestibular Balance issues.  I had to google what these things were.  I understood that the concussions I’ve had have knocked pathways around.  I have three exercises to do with my eyes, head and body.  I go back tomorrow.

I feel so good that there is reason for everything being worse.  I have an eye that continually pulses to the left and he explained that that alone can exhaust you.  I also think I’m the first in person case he saw like me because at one point he said to his assistant, “did you see that” and then “cool”.  He’s been my Chiro for years so I’m comfortable around him.

I’m happy that there was a cancellation because there was I was his last new patient until September.

Only $100 of the $500 was covered under my health benefits but if this helps me get better and back to life, work and loving things again, it’s worth the cost.  At least the follow up visits will only be $200.

Time to rest my brain before I do my second set of exercises.

I will keep you posted;

I’d also like to thank my sweet daughter who has been my chauffeur the past two days.  Thanks Se, Love you to the moon and back.

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  • Holy moly, Kristin! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all this, but I’m thrilled that answers and solutions are coming your way!! ((Hugs)))


  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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