Waiting and Procrastinating

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I really hate waiting.  Yes, hate is a strong word but it’s a strong feeling.  I was always taught to be early for everything.  I always am.  I see that it flows over to my kidlets as well.  My daughter was waiting for her one hour late driving instructor and she was quite upset. I really don’t blame her.  Waiting over an hour threw her whole night off.

So I’m in a waiting position to go back to work.  I’ve got the okay but only to for a gradual hours return.  I’m okay with that but the insurance company didn’t send the correct forms.  The case manager is now out until Monday.  It’s very frustrating and I hate waiting.

I’m also waiting for Fed Ex to catch my package before it heads to the Czech Republic.  Their website still shows it’s heading there. I’ve talked to the customer service twice now and they assure me that it won’t go overseas.

Procrastinating in my eyes it’s putting off the stuff you don’t want to do or fear to do.  I need to start exercising and decided that Yoga would be good to helping me maintain my stress levels. Okay I haven’t put it off completely but I guess I’m just scared to go alone.  But its something I want to do for me.  I know it doesn’t make sense but that’s just me.  But I have looked on their website the times and costs.  I’m also putting off sorting stuff that needs to be disposed of tomorrow at the mall.  They are taking old medications, a box of papers to shred and old electronics to be refurbished.

I guess I’m just in an impatient and rambling frame of mind today.



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