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I was checking the shipping status on a couple packages and was surprised to find a package had arrived. There was a box sitting on the bench on my porch. Now I absolutely hate when the post office or the other delivery companies do this.
You see today it’s quite dismal out and has been raining thus the reason I hate stuff just left there.
Today I received my Wantable April Accessories box. It was a small package but oh so pretty inside.

Value shows that the three items are worth $78 US. I wouldn’t have paid retail prices for any of the items. I like sales and discount prices!
My favorite is the scarf. I’m in love with scarves lately. I think I will wear the earrings almost as much. The necklace I like but don’t know what I have to go with it but Iike it.

I did a one time order and if I order again I will have to play with the settings for scarves and sunglasses.






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