As I type wearing my new lounge PJ’s I loved my intimates Wantable box this month. Well it was my first but not my last. I received my box a day after my Accessories box arrived.

I was in the car an my daughter opened it so I can’t say how it was packaged but I have no idea how the packed so much into the little box.

Lilly Chemise $34.00 – Navy but looks a deep purple

St. Eve Nightshirt $32.00 grey with black stars.

Per Lei Intimates – Metropolitan Lounge Set $48.00 – Cheetah Pants and a black top and the detail is awesome. It’s so soft too!

Paid $32.00 and shipping was included.

$114 value!!

I had lots of Loves and a Couple likes marked off because I had never ordered the intimates box before.

I LOVED it!! My favorite item is the lounge set which I am currently wearing. This set alone is worth more than I paid. I liked the Chemise but it’s not something I would wear. I have teens and there is always someone around the house. So I have already traded the set as it came with a bonus g-string.

I received tHe Shelby Watch $29.00, Allyson Earrings $18 and the Mariana solid bangle bracelet $21.00
A $68.00 and I paid $36.00 for the accessories box. Both included shipping to the US. I had all three listed as likes and nothing from my loves section was sent. I had sunglasses and scarves as my loves but nothing. I liked the box and I will get it again but I may wait until the fall to order another box. I liked it but I wasn’t overjoyed with it like I was with the Intimates box.







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