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elk bones – yummy for Keely and Ranger

Somehow I missed Thursday Thoughts and haven’t really written since Monday.  So today I’ll ramble a lot…a little…I don’t know.

If you didn’t see my post about getting a badge for 1337 likes then check out the reblog I did from Book Club Mom who is also an elite member of the club.

  • I’m starting the 21 day fix with shakeology on Monday.  I basically will be eating really healthy, drinking a shake a day and making sure I get my eight glasses of water in.  I have papers my daughter printed off of Pinterest, info from my coach and from the Beachbody site.  I’m on team #Randi and my goals are to eat healthy not cheating unless they’re allowed cheats like a glass of wine for a yellow container and walk or yoga everyday.  I have to do something everyday as per my doctors so this makes me more accountable.
  • I had a day date with my hubby on Wednesday and we ended up having dinner out and I was good with my anxiety.
  • I saw my OT on Thursday just before going to my first Windsor Spitfires game.  I’ve been encouraged to try to go to bigger places and do things that bring me enjoyment.  I have to say I missed hockey a LOT!  We are season ticket holders and my hubby has been going alone or with friends or family to the games since I had my surgery last January.  Baby steps.  Maybe I’ll be able to get to a Detroit Redwings game this year too!
  • Tomorrow I am trying Costco so it’s been a busy week for me getting out.
  • Today was a mess, my son’s truck has something wrong radiator wise and last night it was dropped off at the mechanic.  So my mom had to drive him to work and she took my gram to do her shopping. Then my mom went with me to get dog food (and a toy) and to the bulk food store so I could get some of the items that I didn’t need huge packages of from Costco like couscous since I’m the only one who eats it and some unsalted nuts and seeds.  Then it was driving the girlie to work and picking up the boyo and then home.
  • The lupus rash has decided to attack my face.  I’m putting cream on it but it’s still spreading.  The only good thing it it’s not itchy and once it goes in one spot it doesn’t seem to come back.  My body has been hurting a lot everywhere and my depression seems to be constant.  I told my doctor but he thinks it’s just the change in seasons and I have to adjust.
  • I’m still waiting to find out when I go to the two new doctors.  I’m so glad I have a calendar for keeping track of it all.
  • When hubby and I were out I picked up the pupalups a new elk bone and it’s so funny watching them.  They will chew on one and then they growl and they switch bones.  It’d the same if they had two the same toys so I only buy one at a time now or they just fight over them.  Single toys they play together.
  • It’s Halloween, so happy Halloween but it’s not a celebration I like.  We don’t get many kids, 10 if we’re lucky and that’s on a good year like when my two were little.
  • I’ve really been watching my Pinterest and surprised that my Travel Tip board is completely off the charts for pins, repins and likes that it really makes me wish I was somewhere, anywhere.  #wanderlust
  • Bag and Wander re-gramed my Instagram of their October Bag I received which was awesome.  I’m working on a review.  IMG_1074

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll be colouring in my new Lost Ocean with my Neon Staedtler markers.

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