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I write because it helps me to get my thoughts out of my head.  I have been writing for as long as I can remember but I was in grade seven or eight when I started to love poetry and just writing.  I loved English in high school and I was lucky to have an amazing teacher for three of my four years there.  He was a big influence on me and told me that I should write instead of going into my chosen profession.

I started writing again in my journal as a way to get what was in my head out.  I now have four autoimmune diseases that are also invisible illnesses.  I have Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease, I’m a type 1.5 Diabetic which it’s also called Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults or LADA, Lupus and Fibromyalgia.  As a result of these illnesses I had become depressed and writing helped me to get what I was feeling out.  I wanted to share what I was going through so that others would know they are not alone.  If I can help just one person through their journey of autoimmune disease and depression then I know sharing my writing is a good idea.

I write for me and I hope you’ll join me on my journey.

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  • Well said. I did a short one light sentence. I thought I could do more of them throughout this month.
    I’m feeling a little overwhelmed again with this class coming so soon after getting out of the hospital. Then I decided I’d waited long enough to take a class like this.
    i have so many things I want to write and share. Learn.
    I love your photo and need to learn how to add words to a picture like that.
    Is it a free program or did you have to pay.
    i still need to get a logo and cover for SAOT.
    So many things I want to accomplish.
    Off to read more from you. I missed your posts the last few days.
    Kristin, I miss you when I don’t message you and don’t see you on a given day. I worry that you aren’t feeling good.
    Lov Sarah

    • It’s free it’s an app called Quick – I use it for Instagram . I haven’t been good at all. I’ve been in a flare but today seems like it’s better. Love ya too

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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