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What I want is a new Jeep.  The first vehicle I bought when I got my first full time job was a Jeep TJ.  I had to trade that beloved vehicle in on a minivan when my son was three months old.  You see I got really tired of having to open that trunk and window and put his baby seat in the back seat.  At the time, you could put the carseats in the front but it was too big for there too.  So I reluctantly traded it in on a minivan.  I rolled that first van several years later and they gave me much more than it was worth and I got a second crappy used minivan.  Then it died and I got another but new minivan.  That was ten years ago, the kidlets are now teens, one having his own vehicle. I always swore that I would get another Jeep when my minivan days are done.  My current van needs an oil change, no big deal, a new muffler, not really a big deal.  It makes funny sounds when I turn or just drive straight, the heat doesn’t work, thankfully its summer and the air conditioning works.  

I convinced my husband to go look at the the Jeep I found.  I had thought I wanted a brand new, off the the lot, new to everyone Jeep but I digress, I see that a slightly used one is just as good if not more cost effective.  Hubby said it was nice, we took it for a test drive, it drove better than the first Jeep too.  It’s a 2012, it is blue the pretty blue that I want, has all the bells and whistles too!  It has a black carpeted interior but I could find something to keep the pupalups restrained in back.  

My hubby was worried that this would be the car our daughter learned to drive on, well she’s already been driving for almost a year and been through her hours with the driving instructor.  

I have dreamed of this Jeep since I had to turn in mine for a mom-mobile.  It’s blue, not silver, black or red like almost every Jeep out there seems to be.  Lets not get into the neon colours.  Its  a pretty blue and it’s What I Want!


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