Waiting for another package and the shopping information was emailed to me. I did a double take when I saw the estimated delivery date was April 17th. Well it shouldn’t take that long to get here from Massachusetts. I looked and my shipping address was right but I noticed that the end address was a CZ. Well I’m not in Czech Republic but I google CZ but that’s where my package was headed. I look at my shipping address again and my phone number was under the zip code. I call Fancy and talk to a very helpful customer service representative. She checks and says that it sounds strange but it really was going to the Czech Republic. So the CS tells me she will call me back after she saves my package. I received an email almost immediately that my package had been saved. I then received a follow up phone call confirming that all was well.

I’m so glad that I caught this because I don’t think I would have been happy with buying a gift for someone halfway across the world.

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