You Have A Blog? Since When?

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You have a blog? Since when was the question from my husband and then from my son. So my answer to this question was YES!

The since when has been just before my daughter and I took a trip to Europe last summer.

Now after the trip I really didn’t post as I got sicker and sicker and really withdrew into myself. Writing again is part of my healing.

I’m finding my way and I hope that my family keeps up. Today was a really good day with the purging of my closet. More to work on tomorrow but it’s time to sleep.

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  • This is really getting old! Hubby AGAIN said, “who has a blog”? It showed up in his Facebook feed. He has a habit of reading the notifications on his phone and not reading everything. He’s actually reading it NOW!

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    Ever go back and see what your blog was like in the past? Well this popped up on my Facebook memories feed so I took a look. Just fixed the image and added my logo photo at the bottom.
    My hubby reads my blog all the time but still don’t know if my son has ever read it…. mini2z

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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